Excerpts from the 7M Coaching Certification Guide

Excerpts from the 7M Coaching Certification Guide

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Let Heaven Invade the Seven Mountains of Culture: 7M Coach Certification Guide

The One

As a coach remember that you are still called to the one, Jesus left the 99 sheep find the one that was lost and in the ditch and carried him back on his shoulders (at least that is what the painting depicts!).  But the scripture does say this about the Shepherd.  It is an honor to be called to the one, the single person (single, not in the sense that your client  is not married of course).

The one whom you get breakthrough for, the one whom you coach into an entire level of new thinking or existence, the one that you help to find her destiny or her healing or her deliverance from all sorts of bondages from her childhood.

As I write this I am reminded of all the breakthroughs down through the years that have been achieved in my office or over Skype, the precious movement of Holy Spirit.  AND the fact that God will reward me so highly because I forsook the 99, I forsook the crowds I forsook the multitudes to heal this one, this precious one that God had called me into relationship with.  Now that I have spent over 2200 coaching/counselling hours as of this writing with many different ONES, God has opened the door for me to write these volumes so that the many can be trained to do what the one, me has done for all these years in the way that God has ordained me to teach it.  WISE Ministries and the Tipping Point is a movement of God in the earth and you get to be a part of it.  Liz and I and our team have paid a high price to get where we are as we have climbed the mountains of our calling if you will but now as we reach the apex we can help others get to where they need to be as well and take this to the world.

Group Coaching/Mastermind/Round Tables

This option is less personal and focuses more on the team.  However, the fees paid to be a part of the group coaching/roundtables can be lucrative.   In essence you multiply your time.  Does this automatically mean it is better, perhaps?  It depends on you. Do you like the one-on-one or is leading a more impersonal team for you?  Also, the group coaching cannot start until you have say 6-12 people.  It is usually for a defined time such as six or twelve months.  Everyone knows when the sessions start and end.  Can be done over the internet or live.  I much prefer live.  In a mastermind there is usually a focus such as building your business or start up. Round tables can be for established organizations and leaders meet usually once a month for four to eight hours.  See WISE Round tables, Truth @Work, Convene, Pinnacle forum, etc.

OK, Charles, so Just HOW do I coach someone?

In any of these modalities, first, you need to be comfortable with yourself and your place in life.  Are you a truly happy person?  Are you happy being a seven mountains professional coach?  If not, this will come through to your client.  Your client definitely needs to feel better after your session than before.  That is not to say that he won’t be  emotionally exhausted or thoroughly challenged depending upon what was covered in the session, even leaving sometimes with his tail between his legs because of a swift kick in the you-know-what that you gave him (in love of course). There is a peace that is in a self-confident identity that will exude from you.  You are coaching because you like it and have overcome some or most of the same obstacles that your client is now going through or will go through.  You have it within you to develop a roadmap for your client’ success.  God will help you.  This is why it is important to offer a package of services for a defined length of time.  Do not sell yourself or your abilities short! You are worth it!  Do not limit the package to a short period, because you are worth it.  You are a winner, a success.  Not unlike a counselor, your mere presence brings peace, comfort, understanding and clarity to your client.  It is who you are that shows up in the session.  You do not have to strive to be who you are, you just are!  I love to coach!  Your clients will be helped out of their ruts, their bondages and their self-defeating thinking and subsequent behaviors.  You are so very important to their lives. You are a professional coach and people are paying you for your life and leadership/organizational experience. They want you!   In fact, in reality they want to be like you.  Don’t ever forget that.

Secondly, know that the tools you employ will help a lot and bring variety and a more complete picture for them than if it was just you coaching without any tools. You are not alone; you have this guide and possibly the certification class and access to WISE Ministries for advice and all of these tools available to you. Do not compare yourself to other coaches. That is a trap. Coaches love to talk themselves up.  When you compare yourself to others the one we compare ourselves to is almost always better anyway and that is why this is a trap. I encourage you to develop your own signature tools and aids such as visual aids or charts for your clients. It will help reinforce what you deeply believe and what has worked for you to do this.

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