WISE Certified Professional Intercessors 7MCPI’s

Name Certification Date
Sherry Barnes, TX 07/2015
Ivan Segal, NC 06/2015
Paula MinGucci, IL 06/2015
Laura Harris, DC 06/2015


WISE Certified Seven Mountains Coaches, 7MCPC’s

Name Certification Date
Pam Campbell Crawford 11/2016
Peter Diaz 10/2015
Albert Henderson, GA 08/2015
Debra Bronstad, CA 11/2012
Dr. Marilyn Weekes, MA 11/2012
Deborah Hume, CA 01/2013
Jacqueline Pilcher, TX 06/2013
Laura Harris, DC 05/2015
Cindy Hatcher, TX 05/2015

Certification Courses

WISE currently offers five certification courses in a series called “Let Heaven Invade the Seven Mountains of Culture.”

Existing and planned volumes

Volume 1: WISE 7M Intercessor Certification Guide trains those with a calling to intercessory prayer to become seven mountains professional level intercessors. %

Volume 2: WISE 7M Leadership Certification Guide informs leaders how to identify, engage, manage, and release intercessors, corporate pastors, spiritual coaches, and chief revelatory officers into their organizations for their corporate and personal well-being.*

Volume 3: WISE 7M Coach Certification Guide (spiritual coach, life coach, executive coach, and executive leadership coach options)†

Volume 4: WISE 7M Chaplain Certification Guide is for corporate pastors or chaplains called to minister to an organization’s employees.‡

Volume 5: WISE 7M Generals Certification Guide is for the top 7M marketplace leaders who need to deal with (take authority over and get to the root of) many situations which can arise in their global enterprises.§

Course schedule and format options:
Certification courses happen monthly.
All five of the courses listed above are available in two formats, both of which offer wisdom and experience from WISE instructors. Group and Fast Track: Two-and-a-half days of live on-site training Independent Study where all modules are divided over twelve weeks.

Please explore our site and if you would like to have an initial consult where we tell you how we can help you personally and professionally please click on the “book” tab.

If you would like to be certified to minister in the seven mountains of culture see below for our supporting sites.

% See marketplaceintercessors.com for more information. * See marketplaceCEOS.com for more information. † See marketplacecoaches.com. ‡ See marketplacepastors.com or corporate pastors.com. § See marketplacegenerals.com

WISE currently offers five certification courses in a series called “Let Heaven Invade the Seven Mountains of Culture.” Once certified as a Seven Mountains Professional Intercessor and/or Spiritual/Life or Executive Coach you may obtain paid referrals from WISE and work under our auspices or launch out into your own practice using our tried and true tools and methods.  WISE is a pioneer in the Spiritual Services Industry having started in 2005 and in having hundreds of paid clients.