Our partners enjoy the trusting relationships that are built with them and WISE Ministries International. The assurance that we are standing with them and they are not alone brings encouragement and comfort. They can depend on our team to pour life into them as we inspire and cheer them on to the victories they are pursuing.

We at WISE Ministries International consider it an honor and a privilege to serve you and your business. We want to join with you to support and empower you as you expand the Kingdom of God in the marketplace. We provide excellent spiritual and business consulting services to empower you for success. We believe that as we develop a relationship together, you will see positive changes in your personal and business life that will help you make a dramatic difference in your spheres of God-given influence.

We become knowledgeable about your business, provide prophetic insight as to where you have been, where you are and where the Spirit of God desires to take you. We focus on core issues of your business to get to the root causes of problems and replace them with positive results. We provide you with excellent prophetically trained spiritual coaches, corporate pastors, intercessors and business consultants to give you precise insight, wise direction to bring forth power packed breakthrough. We provide you with weekly coaching and intercession, quick responses to your needs on a daily basis and are available around the clock in emergency situations. Are you a CEO? Contact us to receive for our Executive-Level presentation. Here is a list of “off site” or “on site” initial steps you can take to begin your relationship with WISE Ministries International.

Spiritual Coaching

Ministers One-On-One to the CEO & other Leaders

WISE Spiritual Coaches have a strong foundation in business and have a mature spiritual background that help jump-start your personal, spiritual and professional goals and help you through the power of the Holy Spirit to fulfill them. How would you like someone in your life that keeps you accountable to your goals; someone that personally cares for you and is not afraid to address issues that you may or may not be aware of? God creates each of us with inherent strengths and weaknesses that he uses to develop us into mature Christians.


God wants you to be a “lover of truth”. If you are determined to walk in truth and to shun deception through ungodly beliefs about yourself, God or others, if you are determined to get the victory over long-standing “issues” in your life, if you need someone to challenge you to go to your next level, if you desire someone to be a sounding-board for you spiritually who will train and challenge you to hear the voice of the Lord better, if you see a need for someone who can provide prophetic input into business decisions, a WISE spiritual coach may be just what you need. Onsite visits and regular meetings help to establish a growing working relationship.

“LIFE Coaching for You and Your Family”
We help support you and bring balance to your life.
Ministry Services
We partner with God’s Holy Spirit in these services to help bring you into an enriching relationship with Him and with others.
Healing the Broken Hearted
Personal Inner Healing for the hurts and challenges of life:
A (15 – 18) hr personal ministry time of healing and freedom.
Personal Life Coaching
A personal mentoring relationship with your L.I.F.E. coach who helps you experience more balance and fulfillment by addressing these areas of your life:

  • Career
  • Relationships/Family
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Recreations
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Mental (Personal Development)
  • Attitude.

Intercession and Prophetic Ministry
A personal team of intercessors to pray for your needs and agree for God’s will and best to come forth for your life.
Overcoming Grief and Loss
Personal ministry to help you through the difficult times of loss in your life with a loved one, a job, a home, a relationship, etc.


For more information click on LIFE here!

L.I.F.E Ministries International 

Loving Individual and Family Enrichment


His Healing Touch”: Foundational Ministry to the Employee Base:

Our chaplaincy services provide your employees with comfort and support during life’s challenges and difficult transitions. “His Healing Touch” ministry strengthens employees’ lives, their relationships and their walk with the Lord so that they can be more effective and efficient in producing in their daily work. We are here to help them experience God’s protection from the storms of life and see Him bring them into a new beginning as they learn to overcome life’s obstacles and stand strong in their faith with Him.

We believe that all areas of our lives should be bathed in prayer because it is the foundation of our relationship with the Lord. Communication with the Lord is vital in allowing Him to transform our lives so we can hear Him more clearly and follow Him more closely. As we agree with you for God’s best for your life and His strategies and purposes to be brought forth, we believe that you will see great lasting change in your business and personal life. WISE offers you daily intercession with a weekly communication and feedback loop so that our intercessors always know and are praying for your needs.


Consistent and Targeted:

Prophetic Ministry

We provide strategic prophetic ministry to give you clear insight into God’s heart and will for you. When you see how close and intimately involved the Lord is with your life it empowers you and brings hope to your life. Allow us to come along side you and help you to hear the voice of the Lord more poignantly for yourself and for others.

A WISE Business Consultant learns your business and is trained in some of the major areas of business such as accounting, finance, cash-flow analysis, funding, management, marketing, advertising, project management, Information Technology, etc. or has access to someone in our network that can help you.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, let a WISE Business Consultant help you get your business plans rolling. Stuck on the ground? Let a WISE Business Consultant launch you into the atmosphere of creativity and “out of the box” thinking.

Our business consultants are experienced in identifying and correcting major areas of business hinderances and blockages. A WISE business consultant will help you execute your business plans with efficiency and has the experience you need to empower you for success. Give us a call and see.

Business Consulting

Personal Ministry

God is faithful to us as we seek to follow Him in all His ways. He leads us into His peace and His truth so that we can become more like Him. When we allow Him to heal our brokenness and heartaches, He can catapult us into forward motion to realize and fulfill His call on our lives. He has come to heal us and to give freedom so we can soar with Him in the heights, have great joy and glorify His name so others can come to know Him through our lives.

As we journey with the Lord and want His will to be done in our lives we want to be discipled by Him so that we can achieve His best for us. His desire is to see us strong in our understanding of who He is and what He wants for us so that we will hit the target and not miss the mark. He wants us to stay on course and to overcome life’s challenges through the truth of His Word so we will successfully reach our destination in Him. We believe as we partner with you, we can help you to reach all your goals to finish and win the race!


Marketing & Management

Marketing and Management Consulting and Coaching

Through our marketing and management consulting services we can provide you with on point and timely strategies that will help you reap the benefits and rewards of your hard work in the field of His planting. We believe that our creative God endues us with the ability to create new and effective ways of promoting your business. He wants to help you create new life changing inventions and products, enter and saturate new markets, and implement creative and successful management techniques to build momentum and growth of your business in the marketplace.

We recognize and honor your true abilities and potential in your industry. Please contact us for more information.


Spiritual Gift / Growth Seminars

WISE offers spiritual gift and growth seminars such as Ministering Spiritual Gifts and Prophetic Ministry Breakthrough and other prophetic and apostolic ministry seminars; seminars on deliverance and inner healing and the healing power of God. Let the apostolic and prophetic anointing be imparted to you and your people! Let your people’s excitement for evangelism explode through our “P/E” Prophetic Evangelism course. All participants receive quality materials and everyone participating will be able to experience the voice of God better after participating in one of these seminars. Real-time activations encourage the participants that God is speaking to them and using them. The feedback from others is immediate. The experiences are exhilarating, encouraging and emboldening for your people! Call the ministry office at 323-551-7519 for offerings and schedules. You can come to Austin, Texas or we can come to you.

WISE has access to financial specialists and software tools to help you identify roadblocks to cash flow and accounts receivable and payables. Are you experiencing financial tightness in this economy? Do you have access to necessary capital? Have you considered alternative streams of income for your business? WISE has partners all over the nation that we have helped and access to people that can help you in many areas in the financial realm; WISE has the experience to help you grow and steward the business that the Lord has given to you. Our experts help to assess where you currently are financially and make sound recommendations for your business to grow and not just survive in these turbulent times.

Financial Analysis

Team Dynamics

Is your team experiencing strife? Is there a sense of competition among some staff members? Are some staff members not giving their “all”? Are some staff members in the wrong positions or solving the wrong problems, or even creating problems? You pay people to solve problems for you. WISE can help with these and other areas through comprehensive spirit-led analysis of each employee, their behavior analysis, gift mix, spiritual gifts, compensation and how they fit into and relate to the team as a whole. We may just have the answer to your employee challenges.

WISE has the best website, SEO and social media consultants. Do you desire to get on the web or perhaps to take your web presence to the next level? Are you on the first page of the search engines? For example, when someone searches for your products or services in your city, do you show up on page 1 or page 100? When someone wants to access your business can they find you? What about social media? Does your ministry have a world-class presence on Facebook, Linked-in; and MySpace? Do you blog? WISE can help you with these and other areas and empower your business for 21st century relevance.

Social Media / Web Exploitation

Marketplace Ministry Training for Staff & Members

Do you desire the best training and materials for your staff relating to God in the Marketplace and the seven mountains of influence in culture? Your employees spend most of their productive waking hours working in your business – which is their ministry! Many do not realize this fact so why not empower your people to be fully productive and free in their careers knowing that the Lord has anointed them for business? WISE can help you do this through cutting-edge materials and teaching.