WISE Ministries International is a pioneer in the new “strategic intelligence” space, otherwise called “coaching and intercession for enterprises.” WISE is helping to birth the spiritual services industry. Dr. Charles and Liz Robinson founded WISE Ministries International in 2005 to be a training, equipping, and service ministry to businesses, ministries, and enterprises in all seven mountains of culture. WISE provides intercession, kingdom consulting, and timely prophetic words in all seven of the spheres of culture, sometimes referred to as the seven mountains of culture: business, government, arts & entertainment, media, education, family, and religion. WISE services provide a vibrant training, consulting, and healing ministry for developing and equipping the body of Christ to live in victory through experiencing the delivering power of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. WISE teaches people how to incorporate prayer into their enterprises, and trains and imparts into the next generation.


WISE is active in: Government – by supporting local and national candidates, by impacting the governmental mountain through DC-based intercessory teams, and through its Gates2DC.com ministry; Arts & Entertainment – through the Gates2Hollywood.com ministry and association with several major Christian film studios and releases; Family – through its marriage counseling ministry; Education – through its ministry at foundational universities such as Harvard University; Business – through entrance, via intercession and/or coaching, into over one hundred and fifty companies in numerous industries; Religion – through support of church and parachurch ministries; and Media – via Internet and via satellite.


WISE employs intercessors and coaches all over the world in a decentralized model, utilizing the latest in Internet technologies, to teach people how to incorporate prayer into their enterprises. WISE maintains offices in Hollywood, California and Washington, D.C.; and we can also travel to enterprises for on-site initial consultations, assessments, and evaluations.


How WISE Got Started In 2005 I was invited to attend the International Christian Chamber of Commerce yearly meeting in Washington, D.C.. Leaders from all walks of life, local and international, were present. I, along with others, ministered to the leaders for hours by the Spirit. The anointing and power of God was very strong. It was there that WISE was birthed. God gave Liz the name “WISE,” which stands for “Workplace Insight, Support, and Empowerment.” WISE empowers marketplace leaders and their employees by helping them fulfill their callings in their businesses and other enterprises. We composed “Empowering You for Success” as our slogan, and chose Daniel 12:3 as our company Scripture: “Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.” Shortly after Liz and I had launched a new church in Austin, Texas, the Lord said that God was going to give me the corporate anointing. I asked the Lord what that meant, thinking it was perhaps becoming a day trader in stocks or some other related pursuit; however, the Lord said that he was going to expand WISE and that the corporate anointing was to bring his presence and his power into companies—both large and small. While we pastored our church, God let us know that he wanted us to take his presence and power outside the four walls of the church and into the marketplace; and that he was going to use our business, entrepreneurial, management, and leadership skills to let heaven invade the seven mountains of culture.


At the time of this writing, we (Charles and Liz) have brought the word of the Lord to thousands of people. As experienced church and corporate pastors, intercessors, chaplains, teachers, and business owners, we and our team of intercessors, coaches, and business consultants are equipped to support and empower you and your ministry for success. In 2005 we founded a dynamic local church in Austin, Texas, where we served together as senior pastors for five years. We are now corporate pastors to many organizations, both nationally and internationally, empowering them to impact all seven mountains of influence. We are committed to, and passionate about, training and imparting the wisdom, understanding, and experience the Lord has given us. Our mission is to develop strong, mature ambassadors and warriors for Christ, and to bring the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to our nation and the nations of his world. Together we have over four decades of collective business and managerial experience.

Liz is a sought-after executive coach, speaker, pastoral counselor and author who inspires leaders to rise above challenges in business and in their personal lives to achieve the success they desire. Liz has a B.S. in Business Administration-Marketing and two years of theological education. Liz has 25 years of experience in business management, marketing, interpersonal communications and ministering inner healing to the brokenhearted. She is currently writing 3 books entitled, “Press Through for Breakthrough”, “Rivers of Living Water” and “Out of Egypt, Into Freedom and the Planting of the Lord”.

I (Charles) minister regularly through the Gates2Hollywood and Gates2DC Ministries, and have experience as a talk radio and Christian television host in central Texas. I am the director of the International Apostolic Marketplace Intercessors Network (IAMIN), which provides a training ground, network, referrals, and certification for marketplace intercessors. The IAMIN is advised by an external board of directors with a broad base of marketplace ministry experience. We both have Bible theology training, and I possess several earned doctorates in theology. I am the director of the Seven Mountains Institute and chancellor of the Seven Mountains University. I also hold an associate degree in business data processing and have had all of my computer science classes equivalent to a BS in Computer Science. I am the CEO of nonprofit and for-profit companies. I am a professional level intercessor, certified professional coach, and a certified crisis chaplain.  I am the founder of the Economically Tested Financiers (ETF) Forum and the convener of the annual Tipping Point Gathering 7-UP Unconference. I’m also a member of: the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL), led by apostle John Kelly, and the Global Spheres Network, led by apostles Chuck Pierce and Peter Wagner, and Harvest International Ministries Network (HIM), led by apostle Che’ Ahn.


Certification Courses
WISE currently offers five certification courses in a series called “Let Heaven Invade the Seven Mountains of Culture.”
Existing and planned volumes
Volume 1: WISE 7M Intercessor Certification Guide trains those with a calling to intercessory prayer to become seven mountains professional level intercessors. %
Volume 2: WISE 7M Leadership Certification Guide informs leaders how to identify, engage, manage, and release intercessors, corporate pastors, spiritual coaches, and chief revelatory officers into their organizations for their corporate and personal well-being.*
Volume 3: WISE 7M Coach Certification Guide (spiritual coach, life coach, executive coach, and executive leadership coach options)†
Volume 4: WISE 7M Chaplain Certification Guide is for corporate pastors or chaplains called to minister to an organization’s employees.‡
Volume 5: WISE 7M Generals Certification Guide is for the top 7M marketplace leaders who need to deal with (take authority over and get to the root of) many situations which can arise in their global enterprises.§
Course schedule and format options Certification courses happen monthly.
All five of the courses listed above are available in two formats, both of which offer wisdom and experience from WISE instructors. Group and Fast Track: Two-and-a-half days of live on-site training Independent Study where all modules are divided over twelve weeks.


Please explore our site and if you would like to have an initial consult where we tell you how we can help you personally and professionally please click on the “book” tab. If you would like to be certified to minister in the seven mountains of culture see below for our supporting sites.

% See marketplaceintercessors.com for more information. * See marketplaceCEOS.com for more information. † See marketplacecoaches.com. ‡ See marketplacepastors.com or corporate pastors.com. § See marketplacegenerals.com.