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What words mean have a lot to do with what words you add to them.


Words do not, by themselves, talk to other words.


People talk to other people using words and language.


What those people have in mind, their abilities and qualities measured by how well they interact with three-dimensional reality is the BIG thing.


What words mean to a person can ultimately only be shown to us by the measurement of three yardsticks:

What did they say?

What did they do?

            What, larger-scale, longer-term patterns did they bring to or near to completion?


We can only see that “third measurement” through the mind of an historian or master storyteller.


From most people we hear words.

From some we see actions.

But few of us see a person in terms of a whole story.


Without that story, we know only pictures or parts.


The problem for us is:  what people “fully” mean by the part we hear, changes when they add other words to it.


Without the measurement or assistive power of a complete story making certain patterns stand out, many different end stories.


BUT, in the case of the two great ideologies of Marxism and Fascism, THAT is not the case.


The reason is these two ideologies begin with the whole story, having first wiped away all words or actions, or other stories, so that there is “just one faith, just one kingdom, just one story.”


The end is more important than the means, and certainly more important than words.


For the Marxist and Fascist, the “words that go with other words” are already decided and scripted, AND all the parts, no matter what they sound like, are “sacrificed” to serve the End-Story.


Karl Marx, the founder of Marxism, and Friedrich Nietzsche, the founder of modern Fascism, each had a type of genius that sent their mind to look for an “answer to today’s big problems,” by linking that answer to the future.


The future as pure future is a fiction.


Such fiction is a story.


Crucial to understanding Marxists and Fascists is that the future story is a “whole greater than all parts,” so much so, any parts outside the “future story turned into future System” have no rights or say-so, at all.


The “all” has already spoken.


That is what is telltale about Marxism and Fascism:  both Marx and Nietzsche imagined a future Story which is the Last System and then the one and only First System.


But in the making of this story and System, NO thoughts or parts, from any part of the past or present, by anyone else, even Christ, were allowed.


This defines the true believer Marxist or Fascist.


This defines the radical revolutionary mind:  ALL allegiance is to the End-System, and enroute to it, NO other words, unscripted parts, stories, or gospels can be allowed.


However, by the same token, in the case of the true believer Marxist or Fascist, we do get to use the “measurement yardstick of seeing the complete story.”


For the true believer Marxist or Fascist, the ONE Story is already complete – no other words or parts are allowed.


This End Story is the ONLY true story; ALL other stories, endings, gospels, futures, MUST be eliminated by this one end story.


The End Story from the future is so great, it ends all different input or measurement of competence in parts – these two categories case to have the right to speak or question the Great Coming Wonderful Story System.


One day the Marxist-Fascist Story will not be a fiction – it will be a Giant All-Controlling System that is the biggest fact of life.


BUT right now the Story has enough human backers, that it is in an inbetween state.


It is a Game, one in which the true believers are out to completely dominate and wipe off the slate, any other words, thoughts, parts, actions, policies, or opposing patterns.


The true believer Marxist or Fascist does NOT allow himself (herself) to be bothered by mere words, like God, truth, reason, principles, honesty, ethics, virtues, morals, etc.


NOR does he (she) allow himself (herself) to be bothered what is happening to the real world lives of “parts” not “part of the whole” – no pain, grief, humanity, real world results, emotional abuse, financial abuse, plight or problems of “parts in the middle” moves them, or even gets a hearing.


The true believer Marxist or Fascist has overthrown ALL other words, parts, storms, governments, constitutions, gospels, in his (or her) mind.


THEN, they will morph the Whole into the Total Control System, and by their reasoning, since the Whole is always greater than the parts, they feel they literally own everything and everyone.


Furthermore, since they are neither real world or innovation thinkers (they cannot think outside the BIG BOX), and have put everything on the ends and nothing on the means, they will proceed to give nothing of substance – except, through taxes and bribery, giving substance to themselves.


The great thing about the true believer Marxist and Fascist is that they have a consistent one-track mind, which you can count on to be the game over and over.


You do NOT have to wonder how Marxist and Fascist think – it is a one-track train.


The “train cars,” their order, and the utopian pictures painted on them may change – but never the track, never the direction of the engine.


Now, it is not good news to humans at the bottom who want to use their own minds and creativity, not good news for those in the middle who want a job and a decent reward for hard work, that the Marxist-Fascist System devours substance and believes in no individual human rights outside the System.


So a very careful and refined “language war” has to be conducted in the Game stage.


You can’t say or do things that make people see your true devotion to the End-Total-Control System.


A belief of the Marxists and Fascists also informs them:  they are “totally right,” and everyone else is “totally wrong.”


This also means if an “opponent” is flawed in any area, that means he is “All Wrong.”


Or vice-versa, if someone is out of step with the Whole order, then he is an opponent – and “words, dirty tricks, covert organized actions” MUST be used to portray the “opponent” as the opponent of “all that is good.”


We have peered into the Marxist-Fascist Mind.

It is a one-story mind.

It never changes.

The end tree must reflect the initial seed.


The Marxist-Fascist “knows” that end-tree, because Marx and Nietzsche painted its story so well.


There are no distracted minds, or on the other hand new thinking, new conceptual breakthroughs or new visionary minds, as you might expect from new interaction with an ONGOING universe.


There are also no “parts who don’t know their place,” no working people on the front lines coming up with greater skills or new tools that will improve life you would expect from new interaction with an ONGOING universe.

There can also be no gifted but maverick leaders who open great new frontiers, who keep an Age of Discovery and therefore of ONGOING Transformation going.



The Marxist-Fascist World has already set the boundaries and closed the borders.


There is NO outside world, outside nature, outside reality.


The Marxist-Fascist world is a FROZEN WORLD; all that is really important has been discovered – it IS the Marxist-Fascist System.


There is no new thinking and creating, no new working and developing, no great new frontier opening and no further West to explore.


There are no thinkers, workers, builders, leaders, geniuses expanding the boundaries of our world.


The whole world was FROZEN in one Story, in one System that is so big; it IS the world everyone must fit in.


Therefore, Monopoly MUST end any free West, any “uncontrolled new frontiers.”


It MUST therefore NOT facilitate any people who want to use their full minds, skills, and gifts to build a real Age of Transformation, or cause a worldwide Second Renaissance.


Monopoly must bring an end to the free West, Bureaucracy must bring an end to Transformation, a Frozen World must replace new interaction with an actual, ONGOING, three-dimensional real universe.


America was discovered by pioneers who sailed further West, and then was built by pioneers who kept taking us further West.


Therefore NO Marxist or Fascist can ever be a true leader or president of the United States of America.


America is the last great bastion of the free West; if the path of the free West came to us and we were entrusted to keep it going forever.


If the free West comes to an end, America also must come to an end.


There has been a close entwinement of the path of the free West and Christianity, and spirituality (that man is NOT 100% materialistic being), for the last 2,000 years.


Christianity helped, even redeemed, the free West; until 2000, for the last 1,700 years the strongest free West-nation has given honor and protection to the Christ and Christianity.


If the free West ends, then that time of honor and protection also must end.


The two greatest Marxist-Fascists in the world are unquestionably:  Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton.


When someone asks you who says so, tell them:  the one who wrote this paper says so.


I thought Americans should know the nature of the beast that was hunting them, and they should know the true vision of the true Marxist-Fascist revolutionary; the end of the free West once and for all, in favor of a new, global, Imperial Empire.

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