2012 Prophetic Outlook

2012 Prophetic Outlook

WISE Ministries International, 2012 Prophetic Outlook

Charles Robinson


January, 9th, 2012

USA Economy

Picture of a Hairball

I saw the US economy like a giant drain pipe and a huge black hairball that was stuck in it that was beginning to back it up; the water had already been draining more and more slowly but now, as every new strand (of problems, issues or slowdown in a sector, etc.) hit the ball it just got bigger and bigger until the entire drainage system was backed up. In a strange sense the hairball also seemed to have a life of its own and was strengthening itself to withstand any kind of “plunging” efforts to clean it.

I got the sense if we in the US try to do another QE3, help out the EU, etc. we could see a market “plunge”.

There was a lot of “grease” (fat) build-up from the “pork” programs and wasteful spending that had created an impasse as well and the hair (problems or isolated incidents) were not able to pass as it joined-in and got captured by the grease.

So, there was an impasse that could not be passed-through. 

God’s solution was not to get a plunger or “Drano” as one would expect.  God showed me in the picture in my mind that He desired to make the pipe larger and then the blockage could pass through the pipe.  So, the issue is can we have some sudden and major growth in our economy before it is too late and the whole thing, like a sink backs up and everything grinds to a halt? I can’t think of any better area than alternative energies such as biofuels; solar and wind power, biotech, etc. 

I also, see the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf also in a similar situation; a narrow area that much grease (oil in this case) passes through and the Iranians are threatening to “block” it.  We in the US or NATO must not try to unstop the channel by force if it happens (which will be nearly impossible since 20-25% of the world’s oil flows through that narrow “pipe”) but look in the medium and longer-term if possible for the pipe or strait to be “widened” – IE, more sources of oil for the world than just the Middle East through exploration and drilling (in the US, even).

I also see in both the economic sense of the pipe and the oil as well that if we try to “burn” the clog out (through a military operation), that it will cause a grease/oil fire which is hard to contain and takes an entirely different approach to handle.


The Lord has brought this subject up to me several times so I know I can’t ignore it.

I see more tsunami’s coming.

The Creativity of Jules Vern

20,000 Leagues under the sea

Journey to the center of the earth (how about of His Heart?)

God is releasing the creativity of Jules Vern to imagine and create the seemingly impossible this year.  Lift your hands and say God give me inventions and ideas to steward this year.  Inventions that will change the world!  And then we need to bring them to market and this is the difficult part.

Double Portion

This is the year of double for your trouble; your troubles in 2011 are propelling you into a year of different challenges but ultimate victory for your troubles! A double portion.

As Elisha asked “where is the God of Elijah?”, His body will answer “in us!”

Say “Lord, I claim my double portion in 2012!”.

Praying Over Everything

Pray over everything; family members, even your water supply, electricity, air…etc.

Don’t take anything for granted.

Pray over your calendar and your appointment schedule.  That you would be at the right place at the right time 365 days in 2012.

Your prayers especially for unsaved loved ones could be the difference between life and death.

Regional and Local

Seek the Word of the Lord for your regional and even local economies; seek God’s novel local and regional solutions.  A generic word for the USA is good this year but the old real estate adage location, location, location applies to this season.

Come Against “Pockets of Resistance”

We need to come against “pockets of resistance” in our lives.   Where are we unconsciously or consciously resisting God in our lives?  I am talking about a subtle resistance, we need to come against these areas this year to position us for what God has in 2013 and we must regain – lost, stolen and even given-up ground this year.  And we take new ground, virgin territory this year, territory that has never been taken before.  I will ask you perhaps at the end of the year, “do you feel closer to God now and you must be able to  say “Yes”. Remember, it’s to prepare you for what is to come.

Solemn Assemblies

There will be Solemn assemblies called this year in many places in the world.

WISE along with other leaders is currently seeking the Lord about calling a Kingdom Economy Solemn Assembly in the first quarter of 2012.  You will be notified shortly as to our agenda (which is seeking Him) and our speakers (everyone invited to share).

I saw God’s business leaders and ministry leaders laying before Him with the calendars and schedules and saying “Lord, I give you my schedule, take me to those places I need to go when I need to go and clear my schedule from erroneous or dangerous appointments”.

God wants us to seek Him for 2012 and for His voice; we do not need general prophetic words in this season, we need specifics for each of our families and business; each of us needs to “up” our ability to hear Him for ourselves in a better way.  We need prophetic economists to arise in the land! WISE is there, on the forefront. We need “Sealed-Team Six”-Level prophetic teams that can go anywhere in the world.  Again, we are working on this right now.

Iran and Mayhem

Iran is sending out a spirit of havoc, a malevolent spirit called Mayhem.  They are taunting the US and nuclear war may be on the horizon,

Look at the Allstate Ads.  There is a character that causes all kinds of accidents and he is called Mayhem.  This is not a disparage Allstate; no, the natural parallels the spirit realm.  We have tolerated Iran for too long…

God will deal with Iran.  War is imminent, many can sense it; The US is going to be sending troops to Israel for joint military operations in the next few months. 

Regain All

I believe that you will regain all that the enemy has stolen from you in 2012.

First 3 Months

First 3 months and especially January will set the tone for us in the church individually and corporately.

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