Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 11)

Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 11)

Lee: And together, no man is an island. If we try to be, then we’re in trouble. And Jesus said, when he told the children of Israel when they went over, He said, “I’ll give it to you.”

Now, they had to go possess it, but He said, “I’ll give it to you.” But, they had to go make war for it, but he said, “I’ll give it to you.” Everything is a war. Everything is a battle. And when we bring God into the equation and God says, “Unless we bring him into it, how can we win the battle over things like this?”

Right now, I believe God wants to raise up Christian businesses like never before. What does a Christian business do? We think, in the Christian world, we say, “Unless I’m talking about Jesus, unless I’m just sitting there saying ‘Are you born again in business?” Or if I’m talking to somebody, “God can move in this situation.”

Let me tell you something. A lot of times, people are turned off when you come up and you say, “Are you born again?” or, “Do you need this?” or, “Can I pray with you?” They get turned off.

So, what do you do in a situation like that? Your life begins to – let them open that book up when they watch you. I’ve had people to come and tell me and say these words, “I don’t know what you do. I don’t know who you are, but I see something different there. Can you tell me why you’re happier? What’s going on in your life? Because I’m going through something.” All of a sudden, they feel drawn to you. Then that opens a door up for you.

And how can this take place unless Jesus is at the top of the business? And when we bring God into the equation, God wants to make paymasters. Paymasters. How can you be paymasters if you’re just needing and riding the surface of what’s going on in your business?

Now, we’re not making a dime for saying these words. I’m bringing this in for Satan’s sake, for the people’s sake, that say, “Oh, they’re making money because…” No, we’re not. We’re here for you. We’re the voice of North Texas. We are a voice in saying to you, “You are blessed. God’s hand is on your lap.”

We’re making other ways so you can come into what God has chosen you to do in this [43:53 inaudible] ministries. I’m talking about the body coming together for what God is doing today. God has drawn his people together and it takes finances to do certain things and it takes finances to do things in your life.

And the Bible said, “Money answereth all things.” So, whenever you’re doing what God says, you have a right to be blessed by God. And how can you have those blessings unless God takes a lid off of the situation? God wants to bring you to the place that you can have the desires of your heart, that He wants to be number one.

If He’s not number one, I’m going to tell you something, you can chase the money. It’ll run from you. You might have enough to go payday to payday, but why live in that circumstance when you can say, “Here, I can bless you.”

The Bible says [44:39 inaudible] to be so blessed that whenever you see a need or whatever you want to do, it’s done because God has blessed you to be able to do this. Be a paymaster for God. Be one of those that God will raise up to the place that you can have the finances to if you want to send a missionary across the country, or if you want to just bless the church, or whatever you want to do – or bless the people.

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