Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 10)

Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 10)

Lee: We want to see God make you a paymaster. Are you tired of living from week to week or payday to payday?

The children of Israel, we say they were so blessed because God put a cloud over them, put a fire over them, put a table in the wilderness, put water; it come out of the rock and give them manna from heaven. They were so blessed.

Well, I’ve got news for you. They were not. They were not blessed. You say, “Well, Brother Sherrell, how can you make a statement like that? Because my Bible tells me the blessing was in Canaan.” They were under a mercy realm. Are you tired of being in that mercy area? Are you tired of living in that mercy realm? Well, how do I get out?

First, your mind’s got to change. If your mind doesn’t change, your body won’t follow something that doesn’t change. Your body follows your mind.

And so, whenever those people could not get that bondage thinking out of their mind, their carcass stayed in the wilderness. So, the ones that went on in to possess the blessings is the ones that could hear what was said. And the only way they could see it was a 20 year old, a generation from 20 years old down, received those promises that the forefathers should have had, but they couldn’t change their thinking.

God is saying today, “If you will bring yourself out from under that cloud, out of that mercy thinking, mercy.” We have been trained to think in a mercy realm and we’ve called it blessings.

Charles: Conquests.

Lee: God says, “Not so. Destroy. Bring down that mercy thinking. Bring it under subjection. Let’s go to Canaan. That’s where the blessings are.”

Charles: Yes. But, Canaan means conquest. Canaan means that you’ve got – it’s the land flowing with milk and honey. Well, guess what? You’ve got to milk the cows and you’ve got to fight off the bees. It’s work.

“I have put seven nations more mighty and more powerful than you in your path and you are to take and you are to drive out the ites; the Hivites, and the Hittites, and the Jebusites.”

We talked about yesterday the boundaries in Judges Chapter 1. God in the first wave of breakthrough, he created the boundaries for them to go into Canaan land. And the Canaanites were the first ones, Brother, that they had to fight off.

But then, they had weakness and they lost some of their battles if you look at the 400 years in the Book of Judges, but they had to fight and kick the enemies off their land. The spiritual warfare is not so much in the church. The spiritual warfare, the battle is in the businesses.

And I wanted to say, I want to speak to you, businessperson. You’re not a second class citizen. You don’t have to try to get in the ministry. You already are in the ministry. You don’t have to be pastor, an evangelist or a missionary to be in the ministry. You are a shepherd.

If you’re a leader of your business, you’re a shepherd and you’re an influencer of your people. And we recognize that with W.I.S.E. and we release you. We even ultimately license and ordain businesspeople.

The mountain of the church, the mountain of religion, cannot fight this battle anymore. This battle is taken now to the other mountains of influence; into mountain of business, in education, in family, in media, in arts and entertainment, in governments. It must be taken to [40:24 inaudible].

We must take the presence and the power of God into your mountain of influence and you can realize that you are divinely enabled by God and called by God. And you’re not less important to God than someone that’s “in the ministry.” Amen.

And so, take your mountains of influence. Possess the land. Subdue it. Be fruitful. Multiply. Operate in a level of freedom. There is a choking that’s happening right now. There’s a choking that’s happening of credit. There’s a choking that happening of cash flow.

We need come. As the Lord says, “Let us reason together. Though your sins be as scarlet, they’re white as snow; they will be red as crimson. They shall be as wool.”

We need to reason together. We need to ally with each other. We need to ally. In Judges, Judah allied with Simeon. They said, “Let’s take it together. I’ll help you fight your enemies and you help me fight my enemies.” Judah, which is phrased, aligned with Simeon which is answer intercession. So, let’s go into it together.

This is the year and the decade of alliances. We’re seeing the government is aligned. We’re seeing how the enemy is trying and has taken territory, even of this nation of the United States. It’s time for the Body of Christ to align with businesses and to say, “Let’s work on this thing together.”

Lee: Amen.

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