Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 7)

Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 7)

Lee: …and lifting people, elevating people up to another area and breaking.

And I’m going to say this too because a lot of people don’t realize this. 4So many people say, “Well, there’s a curse here. There’s a curse on their life.” What’s the first thing a doctor asks you? “Does anybody else in your family have this problem?” See, because that follows down through the lineage. And so, that DNA is projecting for the next one, for the next one. The reason they ask that is somebody had cancer over here, so we’re looking for cancer to be over here.

I believe and I’m going to say it like this – I truly believe that cancer is an infirmed spirit and, a lot of times, they can cut cancer out and it does work and there are certain things that do, but those spirits can move around. They’ll say, “We want to keep an eye on you,” but that spirit – there’s an infirmed spirit – not everything is an infirmed spirit, but a disease that feels like this is an infirmed spirit unless you drive that spirit out of there.

That’s the reason the doctor wants to watch over you all the time because they think this is going to be in another place. It’s going to pop up someplace else.

So, it’s the same way in business. Satan will try to – you think you see him here and he pops up over here. You got rid of this problem and another problem popped up, but when you’ve got prayer coming in and you’ve got someone that’s touching heaven, that infirmed – and I’m going to put it in a business world.

It’s an infirmed spirit in the business world that needs to be cut our just like a cancer and the only way these things can be done – I know that’s mixing supernatural with the natural thoughts, but the bottom line: if you get the spirit man straight, the blessings are going to catch up.

Patrick: They can’t help but catch up.

Lee: They can’t help but catch up. We promote so much. We know money breeds money. Tomatoes breed tomatoes because you’ve got to plant the seeds. Everything is after its kind.

Now, business has to have something that’s going to promote it besides just money. It’s got to be in God’s word. It’s got to be a part of what God is because God created everything. So, God’s given you this insight and this is what I’m excited about myself. As people begin to learn from this and their minds are woken up; in other words, the veil is lifted. When we start seeing that veil listing, something’s got to happen.

Charles: And we don’t have to wait Lee, for the enemy to come to us. We can go to him. We can take the battle to him.

Lee: Is that like going bear hunting with a hicker switch?

Charles: Yes. We have weapons of warfare. They’re called the gifts of the Holy Spirit. First Corinthians Chapter 12, Chapter 14. Powered by love; Chapter 13. We are not ignorant of the enemy’s devices, but there are divinely powerful weapons of warfare that can be used to pull down strongholds of the enemy.

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