A prophetic picture: Walk the Plank!

A prophetic picture: Walk the Plank!

Charles Robinson
Dec 1, 2009

Dear Friend of WISE Ministries:

In a prophetic picture I saw a man (he looked like the Captain of a ship) being forced to walk the plank to his certain death. Death would come through drowning or being eaten by predators such as sharks. The ‘”pirates” (the enemy) had taken control of his ship (business). The plank was the overarching policies that he was being required to “walk-out” or on. The plank of the policies such as health care bill and other taxing issues such as “cap and trade” being proposed were going to cause his business to fail at worst or he would lose control at best. Then, as the captain was just at the end of the plank about to fall in the water, the Lord came and supernaturally extended the plank. Each time the captain would walk to the end of a new extension, the plank grew. God was upholding him and what was meant for his destruction God turned into his preservation. The plank had now become a bridge and as the captain kept walking he was farther and farther from the enemy’s influence! The vision ended.

Interpretation: We as business leaders are in a season of walking day by day and we need to walk out our cash-flow and credit challenges one day at a time. Even though government policies and business slow-downs threaten us – even on a daily basis, just keep walking. God will provide! You are not going down! God will make a way for you and your business!

It is up to us as prayer warriors and watchmen to not allow Godly businessmen and women to “walk the plank” and just watch their businesses fail. These egregious government programs are ultimately aimed at the main economic engine of our economy – small businesses. Of course the enemy is driving this. Let’s kick the pirates off our ships! How do we do it? Through prayer.

Let’s rise up in prayer intercessors (and we are all called to intercession at some level). Pray for your business and we will as well. Please let us know how you are doing and if this message was a blessing to you..


Charles and Liz


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