Word for Tipping Point Hollywood

Word for Tipping Point Hollywood

June 8th, 2014, Ivan Segal, Moravian Falls, NC

The Lord is saying he will supply income for the Tipping Point in Hollywood but he is also going to provide in some unusual ways.  It has to do with the needs for the conference.  He also is getting the word out and speaking to people about attending the conference.

There is an anointed calling that is going out for the conference and Lord is saying that many are called and few are chosen. The call is out but some are still in the valley of decision and their destiny awaits them.

There is a picture of the tipping point gathering and angels are standing behind those who are attending.  As they network in the Lord, the Lord will release more angels from heaven to help in this divine networking.

This time will be a significant assault on the enemy and an establishing ground for the kingdom of God in Hollywood.  The Lord says that the enemy will not be able to stop it because he has heard the cries of his people.

So, rejoice in the victory and the way that has already been made for you!


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