Prophetic Word #2 for 2013 and beyond

Prophetic Word #2 for 2013 and beyond

The Lord says ‘Behold, I will send a new wave of revivalist’s to this nation and to the nations of the world and I will instruct my gathering angels to gather my remnant from the four corners of the earth. There shall be a great harvest of the one’s that I have ordained from the foundation of the world. This is before the final battle of the ages – before the Day of the Lord when I will fight with my mighty angels and when my Son shall lead an awesome company into battle against the Wicked One and his followers. Get ready for battle! Prepare your hearts inhabitants of the earth for the time is coming when the enemy shall be cast down and shall be fierce because he knows his time is short and shall deceive many (Revelation 12:7). A remnant, a triumphant reserve I am calling forth out from the sea of humanity. Are you one of my remnant? Are you one that may be accounted among the 7000 prophets like Obadiah sealed-up in the Days of Elijah? We are in the days of Elijah again! You shall see tests of power and strength and authority in the earth again like in the days of Elijah and I desire to use you says the Lord! Rejoice for your redemption is at hand and the culmination of the ages that my holy prophets have spoken about. Be not deceived in this day for there are many false prophets and false Christ’s that speak not in my name but in their own name. Turn away from these and harken unto the voice of your Lord. The damage that is being done from these who speak only of my grace and not my severity is great and these false pastors and false prophets cause many to slumber and say “where is the sign of his coming”? From such turn away again I say unto you. But be a silver trumpet and blow a pure word from heaven and not as a sounding brass or as a tinkling symbol says the Lord. Blow a true and sure word for the people. Your leaders promise you a false sense of safety and security for you. Take heed, the hearts of the nations are in my hand and I will have the last word. They can plan what they wish but they, the elitists, the central bankers, even those that call themselves The Illuminati will know that there is a god in heaven in this final hour and that I move nations and I move the hearts of kings and suddenly nations and cities shall turn to me; even in a day; I can save a nation in a day (Isaiah 66:8) and I am calling on you to lead this effort; do not fear for your lives or wonder what you will eat or drink or what you will wear; I will clothe you and feed you and direct you and you shall be like John the Baptist’s operating in the spirit and the power of Elijah in these last days. I will fuel creativity and inventions in you and I will cure many major diseases through this healing revelation; revelation on how disease gets a foothold and how it grows in the body; yes, there is more for science to do but science that is led by my people. So arm yourself not with weapons of violence (God is not saying that we should not bear arms) but with weapons of my powerful words within you; I will breathe upon you in 2013 and give you a new strength to double down against the doubling down of the enemy that will happen in the nations in 2013. They may say “lock them down” causing the people to “look down” or engage in even martial law but I say “look up” for your redemption draws nigh. Remember this earth is not your home but Heaven and the New Earth. And you shall see with your very own eye the fulfillment of what I have called each of you to do; I will be faithful to my word to you; it will accomplish that which it has been sent for and you will fulfill your destiny in this earthly realm and in the next and you will feed the multitudes and clothe them and give them drink the same way that I will do or you for you are forerunner’s in the earth for what I am going to do. Be strong, double-down, persevere, seek shelter in me for I shall surely protect you; they shall seek the mountains to fall on them (Luke 23:30) but MY Holy Mountain – My Presence shall protect and uphold you.

The use of the term Double Down:

I was not familiar with this term when the Lord spoke it in the prophecy above. To double down means to engage in risky behavior when someone is already in a dangerous situation. In the game of Blackjack the term means to double the original bet after receiving the first two cards. You will then be given one more card. I think the Lord used this term to show us we need to really believe in the “hand” we have been dealt in this life (our gifts, talents and abilities, our social status, etc.) and use it to the maximum effectiveness and that he was going to give us a double portion of effectiveness in this hour.

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