Post 2012 November Election, The USA and Israel

Post 2012 November Election, The USA and Israel

God was not surprised with the results. After all of the fasting and national prayer gatherings, the people have made their choice. The prayer was not wasted; remember God saves the prayers of the saints in Heaven for a release when needed (Revelation 5:8). Perhaps, God has a bigger scheme or picture in mind? God sets in Kings; He is in charge (Daniel 2:21). Second terms have in almost all cases been disastrous for presidents. President Obama needs our prayers more than ever!  I believe that God has given President Obama another chance that he may be humbled by his reelection and grateful to the God. I know that some may strongly disagree.  But, is God in charge or not?

The USA and Israel:
In a recent experience with God the Lord showed me that the sins and rebellion of the nation have to be dealt with. God desires to bring national repentance and a turning from the wicked ways of this nation. The Lord showed me that the USA and the Great Britain mainly are Modern-Day Babylon. We have exported pornography and evil entertainment to the nations; we have done good as well in sending missionaries and aid to the nations. But I believe we are the harlot mentioned in the Book of Revelation. God has had mercy due to the remnant of his church but judgment (which is much better than wrath BTW) must now come. The Lord recently spoke to me that a large number of people were going to enter eternity at the same time. I do not know where in the world this may happen or when.
Going back to the experience, I saw the Lord placing the USA in a less prominent position in the world and allowing us to deal with our own internal problems which are many. 2013 is going to be a year of more political and social strife and one where riots and looting begin to break out in some major cities. However, the Joseph’s and Daniel’s will arise in greater numbers in 2013 as will God’s Kingdom. Do not allow yourself to take sides in 2013.  To take a side other than God’s is to lose. Stay in prayer and stay neutral and open to see what God is going to do and say about issues that will arise.

For whatever reason, I believe that the USA will not stand with Israel in an upcoming conflict. I believe that only Jehovah will stand with her. She will sustain major damage. God is chastising her in love to bring her back. The US is going to have to deal with its own problems in the upcoming years; the style of living for most is going to have a major adjustment.

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