Extreme Company Makeover

Extreme Company Makeover

Needing a Turn-Around?
We are offering a new service that is meant to place your company in overdrive. It is called the “Extreme Company Makeover”.

We are currently performing one of these makeover’s with a client in West Texas and the results have been phenomenal (Call for references). In 30 days the company has been pointed in a new direction and much-needed staff changes, even at the highest levels have been made. Waste has been eliminated and the job functions of many have been redistributed for optimal use of resources and with significant savings in the cost of salaries. Once more, morale is up! The owners have a new sense of hope and a plan for the future is developing. We are also in the process of implementing a new inventory system to account for every in-bound raw-material and every out-bound finished product.

How Does this work?
I am glad you asked!

The way the process works is that we interview the company employees as to their job functions in the areas of accounting, marketing, sales, HR and IT Systems. We also look at the mission and vision statements and get a sense of the Divine Destiny of your company. We develop an assessment on how to cut costs immediately by 20% or more while improving overall efficiency and effectiveness of employees – yes, it IS possible!

Company’s that thrive today are those that have a control over costs and that have a sense of destiny and assignment from Heaven. This more than covers your expense to do the assessment. Next, we connect you with the people in each of these areas needing expertise. We also develop a plan to bring the company into alignment with God’s Kingdom Principles as well. How can God bless what is not properly aligned with Him?

Another part of our assessment is eliminating the hindrances and blockages that exist within your company and its people.

Call or email us today for further information on this unique and cutting-edge service that can get your company on the fast-track.

In Transition? Get Top Dollar!
Many of our leaders in our network are in transition (BTW, you do not need to be an existing client of ours) so it you are looking to get your company in a position to be sold we also can help with that as well. There is nothing better to affect the sold price than getting the health and performance of a company at an optimal level before the sale.

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