Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 9)

Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 9)

Lee: I notice – I was looking through your handbill here and it says, “Why distinctives?” I believe it said here, but this one part “become knowledgeable about your business and match our intercessors strength with your needs.”

Charles: Oh, that’s so important.

Lee: Tell us about that.

Charles: Well, it’s one thing to have people praying, but it’s another thing to have people that understand your business and then God speaks to them. He speaks to them in prophetic word. He speaks to them in a dream. They get a sensing.

So, now that they understand your business processes, they can relate it to you at your level as the leader. And so, we take the strengths of our intercessors and match them with the needs of the clients.

Lee: Amen. And so, another one: “Provide quick response to client’s needs and availability around the clock in emergency situations.”

Charles: We’re there 24/7.

Lee: So, they can get a hold of you any time.

Charles: Yes. Now, obviously, at 3:00 in morning, it could be more challenging.

Lee: It’s going to be kind of tough. It says, “Focus on core issues to get the root cause of problems to replace them with positive results.” So, you go right to the roots of the problem and it’s just like out on the ranch out there. If I’m digging something up, if I don’t take a root up, it will grow right back.

A lot of people, so much, they’ll cut it off and cut it off, but if you don’t go down and pull the root out, then the thing – you always have a problem and I believe God gives you insight to go after those things and whenever you do go into the problem or something that may be stopping because it’s just like yesterday when we were talking to Brother Robinson.

You had mentioned some things and I know God had to show it to you and it backed up what God had given me. And so, in our talk, you see another avenue; like there’s a light. There’s something greater coming.

And a lot of people don’t know. Some people are about to throw their hands up. They’re saying, “Hey, this is where I’m going to be for the rest of my life.” They just need to know that that gate can be opened up in their mind and there’s a gate.

Our eyes are called eye gates, ear gates. These gates have to be opened up, even the gates, in response to what God’s giving us. Your eyes receive. The mouth speaks. Ears receive, but our mouth speaks. It’s got to go in the heart.

So, as this comes in to the heart and what God’s given you to put in people’s heart, which I call the subconscious and its deposit in that heart, then whatever is in there has got to come out. And there’s a gate opening to receive and there’s a gate of putting out.

So, I believe what everything you’re doing here, I believe God is in it 100%. And I’m saying this for the people’s sake. If you need some answers, call those numbers and get a hold of Brother Robinson. God’s given them something so special. It’s unique. It’s different.
We always say intercessory is for the church; intercessory is for a person. But, why not say intercessory is for a business?

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