Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 5)

Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 5)

Lee: and I believe that’s the same thing in what God’s called you into. Nevertheless, even though these business, whether small or great or big.

And you made a statement just now covering. Covering is a very important issue. Whenever people say, “Where do you go to church?” I say, “Well, I don’t.” “Where’s your covering?”

Charles: Exactly. A lot of people will confuse covering with control. Covering should not be as smothering. Covering should be an enabler.

Lee: There’s a difference in covering and smothering.

Charles: There’s a difference and covering is a good thing. It is having people that know you and you know them, and it implies accountability. It’s implies relationship. It implies a covenant. When the enemy comes against you, he’s coming against me as your covering, for example.

And I wanted to just touch a little bit on the next issue. Jesus told Peter to cast your nets – plural – on the other side and Peter only had one net that he cast and it was full, we know. So, what happened is the Master’s input was invited into that business. New tactics and strategies were given. Cast your net on the other side and the school of fish saw that net and made a beeline for it.

And it’s also when Jesus responded to Peter when Peter said, “They want our taxes.” And Jesus said, “Go fishing. Go a fishing and the first fish you catch, there will be coin in its mouth.” Guess what? This expert fisherman cast his line out and there was a fish that was marked from its time that it was born that had this coin inside of it which was the answer, which was the breakthrough. And that fish made a beeline for that hook and that’s the answer. That’s the provision that God has for each and every one of us when we have that covering.

Lee: Amen. You made a statement said, “The fish made a beeline for that net.” Now, for them fish to make a beeline for a net, that net had to be attractive. There had to be something about that net to draw them to it.

Charles: There was gold in there; something in there.

Lee: Something about that net drew them to it, but he said, “At thou word.” And that was all Jesus said was put it on the other side. And sometimes in business, you get locked into a place. You feel like, “I’m not growing. It’s not growing. I feel like I have an anchor tied to me.”

Some businesses begin to drown because they can barely get ahead, get a gulp of air and then back down, come back up and get another gulp and they’re coming down, but when they’re under a covering and through the prayer and fasting in the intercession that’s going forth for these businesses.

And I’m going to say, from my viewpoint, this is a very powerful weapon against the devil because people don’t realize how strong prayer is. Prayer is so strong. Why did Satan have a woman to take it out of the school? Because it was powerful. It was keeping the children off of drugs. It was powerful. It was keeping people – the murder spirit wasn’t in the schoolhouse. There weren’t nobody carrying guns in those days when the prayer was in the school.

That was a powerful weapon, but when that weapon was taken out, then what took over? Sex, drugs, rock and roll, and everything else. It took over because the weapon was removed and God wants to put that weapon back into place and putting that weapon back in that God has chose you to spearhead this. I’m sure people are doing this, but God – and you pastored up until this point and God took you out of the pastoral area and said, “Start pasturing to businesses.”

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