Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 3)

Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 3)

Charles: That’s the apostolic guys. Is that the apostle, Paul told Titus, he said, “I long to come to you that I might set those things that are lacking in order.” The apostolic will set things in order.

And we all need to be teachable and, sometimes, the longer that a business person has been operating in that main, in that channel perhaps that he’s been operating in, perhaps the less flexible that we become. So, we need people around us. We need what is called like “a 360 evaluation.”

Lee: A 360.

Charles: A 360. So, we take two or three close friends of yours and we say, “Okay. We know what Lee’s strengths are, but what are his weaknesses? Could you give him some input? If you could tell him anything to his face, what would you say to him?” So, they provide that input and I’ll tell you what. There’s wisdom in a multitude of what? Counselors.

Lee: That’s right. That’s what the Bible says and the Bible is all truth. Amen. I want you to look at the camera. I know there are some people right now. I want you to look at the camera and just spearhead something. Why do they need you?

Charles: Which camera?

Lee: Right here.

Charles: Well, why do you need us? I think we all need someone in our lives that we can be accountable to, and someone that can provide input into our blind spots, and someone that can provide help for us in time of need.

We don’t always know the needs that we have. So, look at bringing us on to maybe do some 360 evaluation. Maybe we can assess where you’re at, where God wants to take you. There’s probably some forces, some evil forces that are coming against you and ,of course, we’re not saying there’s a demon behind every rock, but there are sometimes spiritual forces that we need to deal with.

Maybe it’s repentness of the land. Maybe it’s the prior occupant of the building, perhaps defiled the building. I’m reminded of when we did some land assessment with a friend. It wasn’t a client, but I saw a noose around his neck and I said, “What is this noose here?” And he said, “Well, there were a couple of people that hung themselves on the land just right next to here.”

And so, that was constricting him literally in the natural, not just in the spirit. So, we broke that off of him. Maybe there’s some business intelligence that you need; some spiritual intelligence that you need to add to your team. And we come in there and we help you to hear the voice of God, to discern His direction. We’re more of a sounding board where you can then learn how to hear the voice of God for yourself and for others better.

And finally, a prayer team of gifted people that know how to hear God. Why not leverage those tools and those resources to people that can hear God? Together, we both prosper. Both sides prosper. I learned so much from my partners and we’re just blessed to be able to do this, Lee. God is moving.

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