The Final Church Reformation has been Birthed!

The Final Church Reformation has been Birthed!

On Thursday night of our Watchman Intercessor Assembly, we had a powerful, divine encounter with God. Dutch Sheets delivered a tremendous message and then prophesied and encouraged the leadership to come to the platform. The Holy Spirit began to move mightily. As we continued to worship, I sensed that the birthing spirit was sweeping over us and more prophetic utterance came forth. I began to declare to the people that the Lord was birthing the Third Reformation in our midst. Several began to actually sense birthing pains. Several had visions of what was taking place and others saw angels ministering in our midst. I encouraged everyone to press in to God and make sure they received the birthing within their lives. Reports came later from some of our ministers who were watching by internet that they were entering in with us and experiencing the same things.

It was a time similar to the birthing of the Prophetic at the Wednesday night during our International Gathering of Apostles and Prophets in 1988. It so happened that our birthing of the Apostolic was on the Wednesday night of the IGAP in 1998 after Dutch Sheets had preached. Dutch asked me to come to the platform and pray and release the Father Heart of God to the people. After five minutes of praying I saw a vision of an angel bringing a great big flaming heart and placing it inside my chest. I went to my knees in intercession and for the next twenty minutes there was a birthing of the Apostolic within myself and CI. In 2007 we had a Saints Movement birthing at the Watchman Intercessor Assembly. Now in 2010 we have had the birthing of the Third Reformation.

Years ago I asked the Lord what is CI’s position and membership ministry within the Body of Christ. He said we were positioned and commissioned as a womb in the Body of Christ. We conceive the revelation of the new moves of God and then are pregnant with it for a period of time until God’s preordained time for birthing. It is now time to nurture the new child and help it grow to maturity and prophetic fulfillment. I believe that we are now to start receiving what God promised we would receive as those who worked with Him to propagate His Third Reformation purpose. God promised unlimited wisdom, power and financial resources to fulfill His purpose for the Third Reformation.

Those who plan to fully participate need to read my new book that brings the revelation of the Third Reformation, what it takes to fulfill and the time period it will cover. The book is titled Prophetic Scriptures Yet to be Fulfilled During the Third and Final Church Reformation. At the bottom of the front cover two statements describe more: “Kingdom Demonstration for World Transformation” and “The Church Fulfilling the Seven Mountain Mandate.”

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