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Summer and Fall 2012 Prophetic Revelation P1

Some Revelation for the Summer and Fall 2012 The Lord has been speaking a great deal and I do not get perhaps 90% of it sent out so here are some thoughts that can be expanded upon at a later time. "The Summer of Discontent" Much battling in the spirit realm this summer; especially in the Middle East. Iran is planning on joint war games in the Syrian Region with China an Russia effectively blocking any UN and US route in the region to assist Israel. Warring factions not just in the Middle East but a vicious campaign season in the USA. Civil Unrest is possible this summer and fall in the USA. "Unraveling" I saw the world's economic (Babylonian) system rolling up Like a scroll and the Kingdom of God unrolling like a scroll alongside it; That is, the quicker that the current system unraveled the quicker that God's system was being rolled...

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