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Summer and Fall 2012 Prophetic Revelation P2

Continuing from P1 God's Commanding Generals This is a season for the Apostolic Generals of God to come forth. These leaders are needed in all Seven Spheres of Society and sorely needed in the Religion, Governmental and Business Mountains especially. These 'Commanding Generals" will help the Ecclesia - the Church, The Ruling and Reigning Body of Christ to "line up" and "take their place" in the endtime battle formations that the Commander in Chief - Jesus Christ is strategizing. They will lead in their spheres of influence to bring the greatest manifestation of the Kingdom of God that the earth has ever seen. They will command people (in love but in firmness to "clean up their act" but also they will speak with Apostolic and Prophetic authority to "line up" and "take their place" in the Battle. God will raise up elders in every city as well. They will decree...

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