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Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 3)

Charles: That’s the apostolic guys. Is that the apostle, Paul told Titus, he said, “I long to come to you that I might set those things that are lacking in order.” The apostolic will set things in order. And we all need to be teachable and, sometimes, the longer that a business person has been operating in that main, in that channel perhaps that he’s been operating in, perhaps the less flexible that we become. So, we need people around us. We need what is called like “a 360 evaluation.” Lee: A 360. Charles: A 360. So, we take two or three close friends of yours and we say, “Okay. We know what Lee’s strengths are, but what are his weaknesses? Could you give him some input? If you could tell him anything to his face, what would you say to him?” So, they provide that input and I’ll tell you what. There’s...

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Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 2)

Lee: Amen. I know there’s people watching right now, and you may say in your heart, “What’s this got to do with me in business? We’re in a business world. This is a tangible thing.” Let me tell you something. Everything with God, when you read the Bible, if we keep God in the equation even though you can’t see God, He’s there. If you mix God into your business, your business will explode with blessings. So, I want to let you know; bring these two together. As God has moved in Brother Charles’ left, I want you to pay close attention here. He brings this together; bringing this together and locking it together. The Bible says that we’re on body, but you see several bodies all over the world. There’s millions of people that love Jesus and they’re the Body of Christ. But see, they’re spiritually brought together. Even though you...

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Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 1)

Lee: Praise God. So good to be with you on this good old Friday. I know a lot of people are happy because it’s Friday. They can get the whole weekend off, so we’re praying you have a good, nice sweet weekend. We’re going to continue today what we were on; the ones that were watching yesterday for the listeners that just tuned in. We got into some very, very good things yesterday opening up the word of God tied in with some things that could be a big difference in your life. Brother Charles is going to be sharing these things with us and I’ve got Brother Dougher with us today. And as we begin to throw questions at him, we’re going to put him on the hot seat a little bit today. This is going to be something that could help you in this time. Right now, we’re...

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