Order of Melchizedek and the Three Mantles

Order of Melchizedek and the Three Mantles

He are two musings…

The Order of Melchizedek is the move of God that is most on His heart at this time. In 2012, we entered into a new era. The Kingdom Era. The Books Of Revelation, Daniel and Zachariah are road maps to the future. However, the Order of Melchizedek and its Priests thereof will pave the way. Apostles and Prophets are still very important and relevant to the church but the Order of Melchizedek is the next wave and includes those functions as well as kingly and priestly roles. The Order in my opinion is the highest manifestation of son-ship on the earth. Even though there are only 6-7 scriptural references it is important to ask God who Melchizedek was and what is that role in the church today. God wanted a nation of kingly priests from the beginning and they refused and sent Moses’ in their place. Ex. 20:19. The people were afraid of God and afraid of the lightening s and the thunders. In essence afraid of the “supernatural-ness” of God. Do not be like the children of Israel afraid to come near to God in this season. Afraid of the supernatural. Embrace Him and embrace his moves and you will become that priest after the order of Melchizedek – Jesus’ own Order. Please see my book “Becoming Melchizedek” which will be published in 2016. See Tipping Point 2015 http://TippingPointAtlanta.com, November 12-15th, as this will be one of our themes. Blessings.

There are three mantles or functions that the Lord is restoring to the earth at this time. The mantles of Joseph (for provision to God’s people for their callings and for the authority to make life and death decisions), Moses’ for leadership and apostolic power and Elijah for purification of the church and for signs and wonders and supernatural prophetic accuracy. Each has a purpose and a function and a group of people that are assigned in that anointing. Some will overlap into two or all three functions. Which one are you? Ask God for your new unction to function!



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