Excerpts from the 7M Leadership Certification Guide

Excerpts from the 7M Leadership Certification Guide

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Let Heaven Invade the Seven Mountains of Culture: 7M Leadership Certification Guide

Helping Leaders Hear the Voice of God Better

WISE does not come in and tell you the leader how you should run your enterprise or how to manage your employees. However, after trust is built, the consulting arm of what we do can get involved with personnel issues and strategic directional issues. WISE exists to help you better discern and know the voice of God for yourself. WISE becomes a sounding board for you to confirm that you really do hear the voice of the Lord—more than you they may realize. We have found that our leaders greatly increase in this ability to hear the voice of God since that is one of our main giftings. The voice of God sounds like your thoughts, but there is a subtle spark of divine inspiration that we help you to learn to discern and detect.

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27).

It’s a privilege for all of God’s people to hear his voice, but we all can hear more clearly as we exercise this gift. WISE intercessors (and more for a coaches), their job is to be a cheerleader for you. They are there to encourage you to pursue the Lord’s voice and to help build your faith.  Does this sound like something that you would enjoy and benefit from?

God wants to build a platform for your Spiritual Support Team to minister to you and your leaders from behind the scenes.

Review: Sons of Issachar Anointing

The sons of Issachar (I Chron. 12:32) knew the times and the seasons and what Israel was to do, when Israel was to do it, and who was anointed to do it. They were people of action who had revelation: they encamped on the Eastern (sunrise) Gate, were servants to their brothers in the other tribes, and were not looking for their own gain.

They have spiritual intelligence and are faithful, obedient servants whom God is raising up, whom God can trust. They build others up rather than try to build up their own ministries. They have the heartbeat of God and the frequency of heaven. They love God; through obedience they are willing to fight to the death for the people to whom they are assigned.

Your Job as a Leader

It is to find these anointed sons of Issachar and engage them, inform them, release them, andbless them; then watch the favor and breakthrough that happens in lives, families, and in all endeavors!

Jesus said “a servant is not greater than his master” (John 15:20). Our job as spiritual coaches and intercessors is not to tell our clients, who are the leaders in their enterprises, what to do. You, as a leader are to partner with those who are  in the Issachar tribe, who will act as a sounding board and help fine-tune your spiritual ears to hear God’s voice.

Each of us has spiritual senses to complement our natural senses. Such as spiritual eyes, spiritual ears, etc. Many are shifting gears in this season; are you shifting up or down? (If shifting down, remember the slingshot principle). The more you pull back, the farther you’ll go, i.e., the more you rest and recharge, the further you’ll go. What is your and your organization’s pace for this year?

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