California, I am Going to Release Resources into your hands

California, I am Going to Release Resources into your hands

Charles Robinson, June 14th, 2014, Tipping Point Hollywood Arts Council

Copyright 2014, WISE Ministries International

For the Lord says that I am going to assign new angels from Heaven that have never been assigned and never come to earth before and the Lord says that they are coming for such a time as this to be assigned and to be stationed to the hungry hearts and to those that are not ashamed to make the decree and not ashamed to pronounce my blessings upon California and my love for California and my blessings upon Hollywood.  I shall start fires the Lord says, I shall start fires and the fires shall continue to burn brighter and brighter and I shall consume many of you with my holy purifying fire, Hallelujah, the Seraphim, the spirits of burning.  Lord God I thank you for the spirit of burning like the one that you took a coal off of the altar for Isaiah and touched his lips and for the purification and the fire that is going to run up and down the entire coast of California, the North, the South, the East and the West in the Name of Jesus.

For the Lord says, my sons and my daughters, I am going to make full-proof of your ministry, I am going to make full-proof and there is something that I am birthing in California,  it is like a match that is going to start and kindle a fire and it is going to be like a kindling, like a tinder-box and it is going to set California ablaze.

For there are many that are waiting for something – for a fire to be started and they are waiting to burn, they are waiting to be touched, they are waiting for a purpose and they are waiting for a call from Heaven.

The Lord says that there now is an onslaught of heaven, against the enemy, against religious circles, against the religiosity and against the spirit of control and exclusiveness that is found in Hollywood and the Lord says that I am going to release resources, I am going to release resources, I am going to release resources into your hands right now, in the Name of Jesus.

The Lord says it is time not for my wrath, or my judgement, but it is time for my blessings and my callings upon my Divine Children – children that have been made in my image to come-forth says the Lord.  For many have cursed her, but I say I bless you California this day, I bless you, I bless you, for you are thrice-blessed.   You are holy, for I am a Holy, Holy, Holy, God and you must be holy.

But I am sending deliverers into your midst, I am sending those fire-starters into your midst, that shall start the flames and the Lord says that the disunity between the churches, the disunity must come down.  I am going to touch the hearts and pastors and leaders for this is a New Move; it is a New Hollywood and it is a New Calling, for the Lord says that I am raising you up to a higher level of unity, a higher level of purpose the Lord says to call those things that be not as though they were; you will call those things that be of the enemy out says the Lord.

You will know those that labor among you for they have the same spirit.  The key is humility in this day and in this hour.  Walk humbly before your God and I shall use you and I shall give you a rod of authority as I gave to Moses in the spirit realm.  You are called to carry my anointing and to distribute and disseminate mantles upon my young people.  For this is the time of Joel’s anointing and for the renewal of America, of California and of Hollywood says the Lord.

Note: 70 people were commissioned to Arts and Entertainment by a group of Apostles and Prophets that represented a large cross-section of ministries in the LA area, many of them young people at the 2014 Tipping Point Hollywood Gathering on June 26th-28th, 2014.

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