WISE Ministries Word for 2014

WISE Ministries Word for 2014

Grace Williams Waves

2014 – The Year of the Wave, “The Prince of Tides”, the Spin Cycle and Dynamic Soaring

December 30th, 2013

“Wave” goodbye to the past and ride the waves of the future; the future is now says the Lord; I see myself riding, “body surfing”, if you will, one wave and it is taking me a long distance but then like a natural wave, it runs out.  But, suddenly just as I am about to sink and thinking that the ride is over another wave “picks me up” out of nowhere and the ride, a totally different ride, continues; each wave that you will ride in 2014 will be of me; some that comes against you will be of the enemy as he is also stirring up the sea of man, the oceans of humanity and times and seasons and laws, trying to change them, but you will be still and know that I am God and only ride the waves that I have chosen for you”.

Body Surfers do not use a board!  There is no natural help for them.  Body Surfers float on the crest of a wave without using a board.  In body surfing you are a part of the wave and you use your arched body to move with the wave.

Many will have new functions in the Lord’s Body and move around in the Body.

BTW, you can also Body Surf with a small version of a board called a “Hand Plane”.

The waves will be crashing around us but we will be safe because we are riding THE WAVE THAT GOD HAS CHOSEN for us.  There will be many waves, waves of the past, reinvented for the now; waves of the future which no-one else sees but YOU, you have the right to experience your own special, forerunner, prophetic wave. “Yes, I will allow you to implement to take that “new board” out and give it a try with some very futuristic waves, new wave forms, new cycles”. Somehow I am seeing when Elijah was caught-up in the chariot with the horsemen of God; these are the prophetic “Elijah-Revolutionary” waves, future waves but you as God’s Joseph will be riding them in advance, transported to another future day so that God can show you the technology, healing, demographic, spiritual, etc. waves that are coming and how to respond to them to get His people ready. He is going to show you the new economic super-cycles that are coming, the new trends and new inventions.

Increase in Heavenly Encounters

These waves will come as prophetic experiences and angelic encounters; 2014 will be a year of a great increase in heavenly and angelic encounters a year of preparation for what is coming in 2015 and beyond.  Rogue waves – waves that are at least 3-4 times the normal height and they come from NOWHERE some will hit and many will be surprised, these are waves of such magnitude that those that are not prepared spiritually they will be crushed by them. I see these as financial loss for some, but for others, they will have the absolute best ride of their lives; these rouge waves will be as “tsunamis in the spirit”.

Hollywood and California

The Lord says “I am sending a wave that will crush the religious and the Jezebels spirits from off Hollywood; revival will start in California and in Hollywood”; movie studios, movie sets will begin to experience moves of God and His fire.

“Catch the waves of my glory in 2014 says the Lord; you WILL be surprised, I will flood you with my presence this year and I will begin to make MY mark on the land of the USA again in a mighty flood of My glory”.  I see a picture of a large wave that MARKS the beach.  “My glory will suddenly come upon you as when you turn your back on the ocean that you are standing in and are distracted by what is happening on the land when ALL OF A SUDDEN a wave hits you and uproots you and sweeps you off of your feet and even turns you upside down and your senses, your sinuses get filled and cleansed with a fresh dose of salty-water.  You are the salt of the earth; Mat. 5:13. I am going to freshly invigorate your senses of smell and taste with my Body of Water. Taste the raw power of the ocean, taste and see that I am good!  Come surf in my waves!  I am coming to MY BODY anew and in an organic way, in a basic way, as in a getting-back-to-your-roots-kind-of-way. Many will relocate and realign this year; geographic moves will be prominent;

Prince of Tides

“The tides, the tides, I am the Prince of Tides, the Lord Jesus Christ; hear the roar of my voice on the water and in the ocean of humanity says the Lord; I will connect coasts in unique ways in 2014 says the Lord, what affects one coastline in one country will affect other coastlines across the ocean in other countries says the Lord.  The world will become even more connected in 2014 and the effects of pollution, both air and water will be seen on an increasing scale”.

The Prince of Tides is a 1991 romantic drama film based on the 1986 novel of the same name by Pat Conroy; the film stars Barbra Streisand and Nick Nolte. It tells the story of the narrator’s struggle to overcome the psychological damage inflicted by his dysfunctional childhood in South Carolina. Streisand directed and produced the film in addition to starring in it. Conroy and Becky Johnston adapted the screenplay.[2]

2014 is a year of deliverance from our dysfunctional upbringings.

A virus could break-out and be in the news. Perhaps H2N2 will increase; bird-to-man, man-to-man; we need to seriously pray against this.

There is the waft of betrayal

in the air in 2014; look for some major betrayals to happen in the geopolitical landscapes look for new alignments between nations to happen; in the fashion of IS. 60 darkness will continue to arise but also greater light.

The League of Nations

There will be nations wanting to pass unpopular laws, laws that the people do not want. I hear “the League of Nations”, a league of greater unity of nations, perhaps something like the BRICS in the economic zone or the United Nations. Pray for Israel, 2014 is the pivotal year for her and for her alliances. The enemy desires to shake her alliances loose from her so that she stands alone. Pray for Canada, her best friend, yes, even a better friend than the US, to stand strong, the intercessors in Canada, ARE KEY.

Heard, “IRAN will make her move”.  Israel will respond.  Look at the summer especially.

Something happening up in Greenland/Iceland, a major discovery

Population Rebalancing

More people moving from the city to the rural areas in greater measure. Becoming more self-sustaining; “prepping” going mainstream.

A landmark musical score being released, perhaps with a movie

The new agers and the elite desiring to do big things this year with their plans

Blood Moons and Dire Straits

Watch the blood moons, Lunar eclipsed, during Passover, and Rosh Hashanah, 2014.

Dire straits, look for activity during the time in August, especially August 5th in Israel for the USA and Israel.

Parallel Destinies

2014 we will see the destinies of the USA and Israel almost in Parallel both good and bad events. We will see just how much our destinies are tied together.

“Washing(ton) Machine”. I see a washing machine at the end of washing a load in the “Spin Cycle”.  I see something happening automatically like a washing machine that has been left to wash automatically a load of clothes; dark clothes and light clothes together.  Dark and light clothes have been mixed together and the “Wash-ington Machine” is doing its job and it is now in the “Spin Cycle”. We in the USA have mixed darkness with light and the two have affected each other and the dark has affected the light, dulling the white color making it grey; thinking of a mixture in our leader’s lives, compromise; but now we are “wringing out the water” in the Spin Cycle and going down a path that is very tumultuous this year. The current cycle we have been riding is almost over.

In 2014, things will begin to “spin out of control” politically, and economically.  The USA and world economies spinning out of control and there will be nothing that can be done; the USA and other world governments putting a “spin” on what is happening; the Federal Reserve putting a spin on it; not able to stop this “Money Machine”. No one can stop it; the cycle will run its course in the economy because it is a washing machine with its “money laundering” to the banks which only lend back to the government and inflate their own bonuses and stock prices.

The FED tries to pull the plug out of the wall (by tapering) and it still won’t stop; somehow the machine gets kicked by someone and causes the load to become unbalanced and the machine starts to wobble worse and worse and the finally falls over violently on its side. All the clothes (we are all in this together, black and white, rich and poor, all get affected), all the clothes get thrown out on to the “floor”. We are all going to be affected; we are going to be affected by the floor as in trading floor of Wall Street; a new multiyear low I believe the Lord is saying.

But, there will be mixed results in the stock market with the shorts doing well; heard “don’t bet against gold”; there will be renewed interest in gold and a rally.

Prisoners Released

I see people in prison cells, in cages, they are trying to get out; there will be a release of some prisoners on the streets; people have threatened but we could actually see that in 2014;

A True Wealth Transfer

The Lord says “some of my people are going to get rich in 2014; there will be drastic change in lifestyles with many going down and some of my people especially going up, WAY UP. Prepare your hearts for the wealth of the kingdom; prepare your plans My Josephs for there shall be a major shift in power and wealth to you in 2014.”

Dynamic Soaring – Things Greatly Speeding Up, Even 10-Fold for You

I see airplanes but in place of a prop or an engine there is nothing; I see God’s Joseph’s are in a glider and all that have to do is soar and ride the thermals; “I am turning off your engines and even eliminating your engines of your own human tactics and what you have known in the past and giving you my rest, my gliders; many of you will do so much  more this year than in past years that you will  look around at all that was accomplished at the end of 2014 and say “I just kept on riding the thermals and I never came down and I don’t feel stressed I am rested!”, says the Lord.   2014 is a year of resting in Me but doing the work of the Kingdom, the work that I want you to do says the Lord.

God is getting rid of that albatross…Look at this…soaring over the ocean

Wandering albatrosses exploit the vertical gradient of wind velocity (wind shear) above the ocean to gain energy for long distance dynamic soaring with a typical airspeed of 36 mph. In principle, albatrosses could soar much faster than this in sufficient wind, but the limited strength of their wings prevents a much faster airspeed. Recently, pilots of radio-controlled (RC) gliders (kind of like us, God’s radio controlled – spirit controlled gliders) have exploited the wind shear associated with winds blowing over mountain ridges to achieve very fast glider speeds, reaching a record of 498 mph in March 2012. A relatively simple two-layer model of dynamic soaring predicts maximum glider airspeed to be around 10 times the wind speed of the upper layer (assuming zero wind speed in the lower layer). This indicates that a glider could soar with an airspeed of around 200 mph in a wind speed of 20 mph, much faster than an albatross. It is proposed that recent high performance RC gliders and their pilots’ expertise could be used to develop a high-speed robotic albatross UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), which could soar over the ocean like an albatross, but much faster than the bird. This UAV could be used for various purposes such as surveillance, search and rescue, and environmental monitoring. A first step is for pilots of RC gliders to demonstrate high-speed dynamic soaring over the ocean in realistic winds and waves.

New Business Strategies

“Strategies to take your business to the next level” is what I am hearing. Especially in the first-half of the year; Clients of WISE get with me and let’s strategize in the first-half or preferably in the first-quarter of the year; for those companies that do, the second half of 2014 will be great; I am hearing some companies can double in size so go ahead and schedule an onsite with me!  This is unusual for me to say this.

The Pope

Watch the pope in 2014; light versus darkness, pray for him, many major moves and initiatives in the Catholic Church beginning in 2014; some good and some not so good; there will be those behind the scene posturing the Catholic Church for the next 8-10 years to be a global leader, for a major recruitment campaign, also the acceptance of some strange positions and doctrines contrary to the Bible.

Christian Companies Taking Over

“There is an anointing for My sons and daughters, My joseph’s in business to become almost like monopolies, to take over markets; you can do this, says the Lord! Where the world will see best-practices, record sales and the best quality products and services from my people. You will even win awards.” I see the anointing for intercession and coaching for WISE going to the next level for our clients.  See God revealing ways to create even greater synergy and efficiencies within His companies for greater impact.  Take a look at the “Duck Commander” company from the hit A&E (and controversial too) Duck Dynasty TV Series.  On a recent show they got 10 times the orders from their main client.  Sounds like Dynamic Soaring above.  Remember, God speaks through Hollywood!

For marketing, the Lord says “ask me for my strategic intelligence on how to reach more potential customers”.

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