Becoming Melchizedek Heaven’s Priesthood Your Journey

Becoming Melchizedek Heaven’s Priesthood Your Journey

Becoming Melchizedek book Update: I am only in China for a few more days and I am nearing completion of my next book
“The Canticles of the Order of Melchizedek” series. “Becoming Melchizedek and Your Melchizedek Journey” . I believe it to be a comprehensive examination on The Order of Melchizedek for our day. From the back of the book…

There is an ancient order that is the “Overcoming Excellence of God”. It actually operates in heaven but is now coming to the seven mountains of society – the order of Melchizedek, which is Heaven’s Priesthood.

Together, let us study with thorough research and in a biblically sound manner the phenomenon of and the mysteries and the riddles of Melchizedek – let us solve who he was and who he is. And let’s understand Abraham’s encounter with this King of Salem who had “no beginning and who has no ending.” Hebrews 7:3.

There have been several good books written on The Order of Melchizedek already.

However, there has been a void in the practicality and applicability to our everyday lives. How does one actually become a Melchizedek Priest of god?

Yeshua, Jesus, is, of course, the full embodiment of this Melchizedek priesthood, and He is the leader of this divine order that will bestow upon man the greatest power and authority ever released in human history.

By divine plan, Jesus’s life was cut short at thirty-three; however now He will have the opportunity to live and intercede through you and me as His Melchizedek priests.

As we search the scriptures, the biblical Hebrew and even the Dead Sea Scrolls we will find as the Priests of Jesus’ own order, we will fulfill Melchizedek’s role and become the ultimate reigning, ruling, leading, and serving people both on earth and in heaven.

Melchizedek is the next spiritual-evolutionary step as apostolic, prophetic, kingly, and priestly functions are all wrapped up into one person – you.

Are you ready for this, your next level, and are you willing to take up this highest form of son-ship on the planet?

You have in your hands the road-map that will show you how to ascend into Heaven’s Priesthood-The Order of Melchizedek. Welcome to your Melchizedek Journey!

You will be able to order before the end of the year.

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