Dream: Governmental Mountain in the USA: I Meet President Obama in the White House

Dream: Governmental Mountain in the USA: I Meet President Obama in the White House

Dream: I Meet Obama in the White House                                         9/23/15

Dr. Charles Robinson, WISE Ministries International


The dream opens and I sense that I have tried to get a meeting with President Obama in the past and it hasn’t worked.  I have wanted to talk with him about his policies.  I have a conciliatory tone, a tone of honor, a desire to encourage him in that, I understand some of the opposition that he has faced and that Obama is really a reformer at heart, someone who can’t stand the status quo, not unlike me in my prophetic, reformer role.  I try to find some common ground with him, as difficult as that may be to believe or communicate, but God is definitely helping me.


Obama is at first, very standoffish.  He seems to know what I stand for, or the groups that I am associated with.  Christian, evangelical, white, republican conservative.  But yet, I am trying to present myself as somehow above that in his eyes, that I am more of a thinker if you will, more in-step with the times, without compromising my beliefs.  These are the stereotypes that we, the right have to overcome as viewed by the left.


I have a document that I am wanting him to sign but before I want him to sign it, (it’s an approval or sanction of some kind to allow the Tipping Point Gathering to happen in Washington, DC or something along those lines.) I NEED his ratification if you will, perhaps almost like a constitutional amendment to go through and for what I need to happen as Christian leader. I need to get my views across to him, God wants me to, Obama and the democrats need to hear some true Christian voices right now, not judgmental voices, not the same-old, same-old. Many have written Obama off totally, but God has not, even at this late hour of his presidency.  I want to understand what drives him.  Why does he hold the views he holds? What is really going on?


I need Obama’s help in the dream. I need the help of the government. As a white, Christian and (former) Republican I need the help of his administration to move forward my agenda, what I know is God’s agenda but he is resistant to sit down and talk with me from the beginning. However, it’s as if my persistence has worn him down and he says, “You want me to sign that? I will. It’s like he caves in but I hear the Lord, say “no, tell him WHY you need him to sign it.  Press in”.


By the way, I say former republican because am disillusioned with the Republican Party. Many of the things that they have promised to do they have not done.  I would probably vote for Paul or Trump at this time, however Florina, if she is the nominee will be decimated by attack ads that she laid off 30,000 people at HP.  She cannot win in my opinion.


The dream continues.  God goes on to say “negotiate with him and tell him that he is a reformer at heart and you may not disagree with him as much as he thinks you disagree”.  I am to talk with him and to explain my points.  I start out that we both are reformers and I also, go against the stream.  I understand that the mostly white, male republican congress has been against him from the beginning (and I am going to tell him why in a moment) but I also convey that I have two non-negotiables and that many within the republican and democratic parties that have been resisting him do as well. Yes, many democrats do not follow Obama’s whole agenda and believe as I do in these two non-negotiables.  Life and marriage.  The sanctity of life and that it begins at conception and the value of traditional marriage.  Obama obviously identifies with the LGBT community and sees his part as rallying around and promoting their cause, along with keeping abortion the law of the land and even expanding it.


I start to talk about the catholic church and how it is an old relic in his views and that I understand that he wants to try to shake up not only the evangelical church but the catholic church and its definition of normalcy by inviting all of the extremist people to partake of his meeting today with the pope and the photo ops (to which the Vatican has been anathema, BTW), by inviting activist bishops, outspoken critics of the catholic church, etc.  I tell him that he is reforming in the wrong way.  That is what he needs to hear.


We, the conservative republican movement establishment have been interfacing with Obama in the wrong way as well. Known as the arty of “no”.  I tell Obama that leadership is leading from behind and compromising for the good of the whole and not ramming legislation through without a single vote from across the aisle like in the Obamacare legislation.  Did that fatal error bring a bad start to the rest of His presidency? Did that watershed event, bring six years (and counting) of his agenda versus our agenda?   Did it bring a polarization?  Yes.  Can there be peace or at least a new and open communication in some way for the rest of Obama’s presidency?  I believe that God is saying yes for the good of the country and for the sake of the people.  God is saying ALL SIDES NEED THIS RIGHT NOW.


As we are talking and as Obama explains his side of the stories I feel that we are coming to, at least, some common ground in principle and he begins to melt.  I believe Obama is very cognizant of his legacy and that he will be around for a long time after his term ends.  Does, he want another term?  Perhaps, but I got the feeling that he was tired.  There is great crises that would have to come about for him to have to suspend elections and perhaps declare Martial Law. I do not want to go on that trail right now.


As we were talking even I had failed to notice until now that just outside the White House Oval Office there is a busy road and that cars and trucks had been going off the road and into this ditch that is right next to the White House.  There seem to be some people there to help the cars and trucks get back on the road but I perceive there is a danger to them in the slowdown of traffic and the feeling is that this problem of the average person if you will (representing the cars) and of commerce (representing the trucks) going in the ditch is going to get worse.

Obama seems oblivious to this.


Government is going to need the church like never before (I represent the church meeting with the government, Obama). There were more cars going in the ditch and traffic was starting to get backed-up.  The church also needs the government and we have seen how many things have gone in the ditch because the two sides have not met anywhere close to the middle and the traffic was coming VERY CLOSE now to striking the very White House.  Just as I am thinking this a very large and heavy truck is veering off the road towards us. It is in a sense coming off the chosen path of society or civility if you will and I see (I am not sure that Obama sees) that it is going to hit the place that we live, the place of the head of governmental rule – the White House and I am in there representing the church.


Both will be greatly affected.


The dream ends.


More interpretation:  An economic event is coming from the result of policies that have been implemented over the last six years (and before).  Civility is going to be affected. The truck representing commerce and the cars were all veering off of established norms of staying in their lane and gong off the road.  Order and flow as being suspended.  The flow of society and commerce was being greatly affected.  God will allow this to happen until the church and government and commerce have an open and sincere dialogue.  Until we come together and some policies change in this nation.   We have brought this upon ourselves because we have been unwilling to honor and communicate with each other.


Also, I believe that God is giving me a negotiating and communication ability with very influential people, even governmental people and I will need this ability and these contacts and the access to complete what God has called me to do. At this time we are planning a Tipping Point in China with very influential speakers even on the word stage and some Chinese billionaires.


In the dream God has sent me to get some approval from the government, it was not through congress, it was through Obama himself since he is the head.  This also speaks of heads of companies, organizations, etc. it signifies that one person’s ideals and values can influence a whole nation or organization and we must be at the tables with the Buffet’s and the Gates’ as Christian leaders representing the Lord and his people.


We Christians had lost our voice in government.  I was there to sympathize and emphasize with Obama in some ways and to at least honor him in a couple areas but the lesson is that I as a citizen and a “church guy” was missing out because I did not engage him in civil and meaningful conversation.  Obama, or government also was missing out since he lacked the acumen for leadership and compromise at a level that the USA and the congress requires.


It’s like Obama’s agenda was sidetracked even though he has some legislation that has been implemented and Supreme Court decisions that backed him up.  The sweetness of victory of his polices was lost on him because of the bitter battles.  He was not a happy man.  Revenge was an option.


The other sides have lost also in the six years and the common man is now going in the ditch. Perhaps if republicans had negotiated and sat down with Obama things would not be as bad as they are right now. Congress and the church are to blame for this. This is ALL of our country.


There was the sense that Obama has given up on the system of government and that is why he has turned to executive orders. Again, Obama seemed tired.


There is a window of opportunity of negotiation between Obama, the House (and now Senate) and the people that if all sides humble themselves we can come to some amazing understandings and agreements that will fix the problem with the road outside the White House.  There is still hope.  Could this be the Iran deal may not pass as well? I am not saying that.  But we still have 16 months of this current administration left, maybe we can finally come together to avoid things from getting much worse in those 16 months and even better than they are now.

“Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court. Do it while you are still together on the way, or your adversary may hand you over to the judge, and the judge may hand you over to the officer, and you may be thrown into prison.” Matthew 5:25.


There is a sense of a bitter, tired man who has thought he has done the right things, reforming things and helping disadvantaged classes of people. Obama does not see the greater errors of his ways towards society and the economy.


God, loves and cares for our president and in the dream sent me to talk with him. Ask God to send us all to talk with those that we have the ability to do so.  Our great country hangs in the balance.  Whatever happens in the future, God has told me that American will never be fully destroyed and that there will be a NEW America that will emerge.  I hang onto this hope.


Now, it’s up for the church to take a leadership role in government and in finance like never before.  God is opening the doors and will give us the influence in these mountains, we just need to have listening ears and a teachable spirit. From my many years of working in the secular arena there is much we can learn from non-believers and there is much that they can learn from us.


God has a strategy and it is called leadership.


God bless.

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