Tipping Point Spiritual Discernment 2013

Tipping Point Spiritual Discernment 2013

Check back regularly as we record the discernment that comes on the Monday evening Prayer Call, 7:00 pm CDT. Send Charles and email if you want to take part.


Sharon Billins

Father God, in the name of Jesus, Lord, we do praise You, we do adore You, we do magnify You God, we worship You with all of our heart, mind and soul, Father God. Lord, I thank You for the joining together of my brothers in the Lord, co-laborers in Christ, together Father God. I thank You for the gifting, the anointing, the talents and the abilities Father God that You have given unto them Father God Richard and Charles Father God and their respective places. Father God I honor the mantles that they carry right now in this time and this season of their lives Father God. And Lord I thank You for the visionary Father God of the prophet, the business man, the apostle, Father God Charles and his beautiful wife Father God, everything that You have given them Father God and they have been good stewards over, so Father God I declare and decree in the name of Jesus Father God that this Tipping Point that there shall be a tipping Father God of those things from the Heavenly to the earthly realm Father God, in the name of Jesus God. Lord we thank You Father God for this 7 mountain anointing Father God to have the anointing, the authority, the power, the jurisdiction and all authority Father God to infiltrate the 7 mountains of this world. Father God in the name of Jesus I lift up my brother, I lift up the participants, Father God I lift up the call of delegates, Father God, that have been issued a clarion call to be at this great gathering Father God of Your eagles Father God. Oh God not the sheep, but the horses, Father God. Lord I thank You for I hear the Lord says the horses are galloping, the horses are galloping. There’s a new wind that the Lord is blowing in this direction and even this is a part of the great revival, the reawakening that shall take place in San Antonio, Texas. Not just San Antonio says the Lord for the heart beat even Texas itself. San Antonio is the heart beat, but even throughout all of Texas from Dallas to Houston to Laredo to Austin, Glory to God, in the name of Jesus there shall be a major reawakening like never before and even this, even this is a catalyst, I hear the Lord says atomic explosion, atomic nuclear warhead, nuclear warhead going into, pulling down a demonic stronghold in the name of Jesus..going into corporate America, going into places that have never been touched by the apostolic winds of God and I hear the Lord says there is going to be a greater impact than ever before in this city. Many have tried, many have tried, but God says I didn’t called them to this, I didn’t call them to this. They emulated, they copied, but I have called you to this my son, for this is the primary river that is running through your spiritual being for out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water and this is the primary, the primary stream says the Lord that I’m sending down from the throne room of Heaven to pour up out of you. As I pour into you, I shall pour out and it shall splash, it shall splash, but the Lord says this is surely a season of overflow, a season of overflow, an overflow of My river, an overflow of My purification, for even the contaminated streams shall be cleared up, shall be cleared up, greater, greater than ever before. For I hear the Lord says the people are hungry, they are hungry for the more, they are hungry for the more and in the Tipping Point is the more, in the Tipping Point is the breakthrough, in the Tipping Point is the release says the Lord that I call for, for this hour. He says you shall go forth in mighty power, in demonstration, even in word and deed as a result of this Tipping Point gathering. There are many contracts that shall come to the table, many contracts, many contracts, many contracts from the financial arena, to the religious arena, to the educational arena, to the arts and entertainment arena. The Lord says “Get ready, get ready, get ready, get ready, for there shall be something that shall happen, even at this place that shall cause a tipping in Hollywood, a tipping in New York, New York, Broadway, Broadway, Miami. Get ready, get ready, get ready for I have heard your cry and even in the entertainment, even in the music industry and specifically Atlanta, Georgia there is a place for you my son, there is a place for you my son says the Lord. I shall open up new frontiers says the Lord, new planes and new acres and new territories says the Lord. The Lord says it will seem in most instances and in some instances that it is a reassignment but I’m not reassigning you son I am just taking you higher says the Lord. Elevation, elevation, elevation where one door closes new doors shall open says the Lord and there shall be a great and mighty, a mighty pouring out of My Spirit says the Lord. It is I, it is I. I have come to visit, I have come to visit San Antonio once again. I have come to visit Texas once again says the Lord. I have come, I have come with My grandiose display of My Shekinah Glory says the Lord. Surely My Glory shall be upon the business arena like never before and even some contracts shall come to you, they shall come to you man of God. They shall come to you Charles and they shall beckon you to join them and the Lord says I’m causing you to connect, to connect, to connect like never before. You’ve connected in some ways, in small ways and mediocre ways, but the Lord says these are grandiose ways, these are grandiose ways. God says there is a connection, a major connection. I see the country of India, of India, of India, of India, of India, of India. I see massive wealth acquisition, massive, massive for the Kingdom, for the Kingdom it is, says the Lord, for the Kingdom it is says the Lord, for the world transformation says the Lord, for the hub, the hub, the hub, the hub, the hub and out of the hub shall go many. Many will come to the hub to be trained, to be empowered to be mentored, to be schooled, oh God to be lifted up, to be imparted to, to be activated. They’re coming, they’re coming…they’re coming from the north, they’re coming from the south, they’re coming from the east, they’re coming from the west for such a time as this says the Lord. I will pour into them, in this hub at this apostolic transformation center, I will pour into them says the Lord. I will raise up your school even the more says the Lord, even the more, even the more, even the more. It shall be called upon by this this even the medical arena, even in science and medicine. There is a symposium, there is a symposium that shall take place and you shall have an invite says the Lord, you shall have an invite, a conglomeration, a world conglomeration. There is something in Switzerland that will call your name to it, call your name to it, call your name to it says the Lord and you will go, you will go, you will go, you will go, and even standing in front of the United Nations, standing, standing I see you standing in front of that building with the flags of many nations and I see the word unity, unity unity is on your forehead and unity is on the building. Increase, increase, increase, connecting, connecting, connecting. God says I am connecting, I am connecting the dots even at this Tipping Point gathering. This shall be a connection of hearts. There are corporate sponsors that will step up. Some, some of them have held back, but the Lord says they no longer shall hold back, they shall release the necessary financial funding that is needed, the financial backing that is needed. He says all Heaven is backing it up, all of Heaven is backing it up. There shall be an overflow, there shall be an overflow, that everything would be taken care of, from the speakers to the commodities to the resources. Oh God, oh God we thank You, we praise You in the name of Jesus, Lord. We thank You for the new river. For the Lord says it’s a new river, it’s a new river, it’s a new wine, it’s a new wine and it’s going to overtake the people and I hear the Lord saying it will not be as it was before, but it will be on a even grander scale. It must be, for My Spirit is coming in in a new way says the Lord and the people will notice it immediately. They will feel the impact of the anointing. They will feel the strength and the virility of the anointing for it is I in a new way. It’s the same God, but a new way says the Lord. It is a new way that will perpetrate and infiltrate the hearts and the minds of men and women, all alike and they shall be on one accord, they shall connect. Divine strategic apostolic connections shall take place. It is so says the Lord. Even some shall fly over from many waters, over the many waters from foreign lands, from foreign lands that are coming in near and far: north, south east and west. The planes are coming in, the planes are coming in. They’re lining up. The people are coming forth. Major revival, major revival, major revival and I hear the Lord says don’t lose sight of me my son because I am getting ready to launch you even greater, launch you even greater, launch you even greater. Your labor has not been in vain. Oh, Glory to God…many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers them out of them all. And the Lord says I shall take you to ride upon the high places my Charles, my son of thunder. Get ready, there’s new strength that the Lord is giving to your body and your wife. There’s a new strength, there’s a new you. He’s renewing your youth for such a time as this. For there are many plans that God has for you, there are many journeys that God has for you, there are many voices that God has for you and I hear him say rise up and come up higher to the mountain top, come up higher to the mountain top and the scales are being tipped in your favor I hear the Lord say the scales are being tipped in your favor, man of God, it’s time, it’s now. So Father God we decree and declare Father God a tipping of the Holy Ghost, God, a tipping of the anointing God, a tipping over for breakthrough in the 7 mountains of this world. God, we thank You for the new remnants, the new wine that You’re releasing over this event Father God, not just event but a Kingdom transformation project, a Kingdom transformation. An assignment sent down  from Heaven to earth infiltrating the minds, the hearts, the spirit of Charles and his wife Father God. We thank You for the fire and the power in the name of Jesus God. We thank You for the turning of his captivity Father God. God we thank You that everywhere Charles digs that the well shall spring up. Oh God, like living water in the name of Jesus God. We thank You that everything that he touch Lord, that the Midas touch it shall turn to gold, it shall turn to gold and it shall be replenished in the name of Jesus. For I even hear the Lord says that even some things that have been backed up, wells that have been backed up that now the dam is broken and the waters are getting ready to flow like never before. It’s time says the Lord, it’s the season now. This is “the year of the overflow”, this is “the year of the extra” says the Lord, for I have called it into being says the Lord, even in the 13th day, in Esther Chapter 9 verse 1, on the 13th, on the 13th day the captivity of the people of God, it was turned and I hear the Lord says as I did it on the 13th day, so there shall be a turning of the captivity says the Lord. That which has been held up shall be released like a tsunami wave, like a tsunami flood says the Lord. So I decree and declare a tsunami wave of release Father God of those things Father God that will be needed to provide for this greater vision that You have given unto Your son. So Father God I thank You, in the name of Jesus. I seal it with Your blood on this night in the name of Jesus and I declare it done by the Holy Ghost in Jesus name! Amen!

Charles Robinson


This is the vain of the conference…the Lord reigns let the earth be glad, let the distant shores rejoice, clouds and thick darkness surround Him. Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne. Psalm 97. And fire goes before Him and consumes his foes on every side. Lightening lights up the world. The earth sees and trembles. And this is what the Lord has given us…the mountains melt like wax. the Seven Mountains melt like wax before the Lord, before the Lord of all of the earth. The heavens proclaim his righteousness and all people’s shall see His Glory.

It’s time to speak Psalm 97 because that’s what it is. The mountains are going to melt like wax before Him, because He is the Lord of all the earth.

The Lord says also this gathering…they are going to come because “an appeal”, “they feel an appeal”, but the Lord says they are going to be appealed, they’re going to be peeled. I’m going to peel back, I am going to expose their hearts.  I’m going to convict them. I’m going to peel them back. I am going to press down on them my glory; my glory is going to come upon them in a new and a powerful way and those that have not believed even in the movement of the power of Holy Spirit and His gifts shall be convinced anew and afresh, thank You Lord, for the demonstration of the move of God in the earth. Father, Hallelujah and mountains melting like wax and Jesus Christ Himself shall be seen, Jesus shall appear to many. Hallelujah! For the Lord says the anointing of the Nations is coming to this place in San Antonio. The angels, the regional angels, the territorial angels are coming to this place. They are going to gather. This is a conclave. For the church, the Catholic church may have her own conclave, but the Lord says I have my own conclave as well. So get ready!

Jim Dierickx


If at all possible please prayfully consider going and networking with other radical leaders of influence and go to this event. I found out about divinely and feel still God’s heat on this event. And have prophetically seen alot of things that I know God is going to do there.

I feel this event will be a watershed moment almost if not bigger than the Woodstock event was in 1969 to the hippie movement. This gathering of radical forerunners who are going to take the kingdom to all the areas of worldly influence will be a once in a lifetime moment.
Because of the power and anointing that comes from the cross pollination of gifting when we all come together in God’s power. This might even be as big as being in the first meeting of Azuzza Street on 4/9/1906. And as you probably all know I would not say this if I didn’t feel it and see it already.

Thanks for the invite yo Monday prayer call, and I will be there Lord willing 3/18/13. As I have said in the introductions about you, that I fell God’s heat all over this event. Almost more than any other thing I have ever been involved with. As I was writing this I got a revelation that is still giving me goose-bumps.

It is the fact that God never ever uses dates and numbers willy-nilly they have a meaning always. And I do not know if you have made the connection but 4/18/13 is Gen 41:8 where Pharaoh and all his wise men and sorcerers could not solve or answer the world system problem in verse 8, and in verse 13 the cup-bearer remembers Joseph and promotes his abilities to Pharaoh . In 41:8+20 = 28 verse Joseph tells prophetically to Pharaoh what God’s will is as God told Joseph. In 41:8+20+13 = 4/18-20/13 = verse 41 where Pharaoh promotes God’s man of the hour, “41 So Pharaoh said to Joseph, “I hereby put you in charge of the whole land of Egypt.”

So I feel and believe that many will come to the gathering unknown never heard of people with God’s true calling and anointing on their lives and they will be promoted at your gathering to where God want them to be at, and they will have answers and solutions that will preserve life and propagate the kingdom in the last days, they will with authority tell others the true hidden plan of God that they were given. Then they will leave on 4/20/13 promoted and gifted with the resources they need to complete God’s plan for their lives so they can through their resources and gifting’s provide a way of escape and light when the day of trouble and tribulation comes. To the lost which represent Egypt and the Church/Israel which are Joseph’s brothers.

Stan Jeffrey, Australia


Part one

The picture

The picture I saw at the previous prayer time was similar to an optical fibre tree spreading light.

However the fibres are actually multimedia i.e. sound and light. The sound is our specific words and the light is the actions of God’s agents (angels on assignments) actually God is the light.

The tree is in the other (spiritual) dimensions and works both ways. There are myriads of possible connection and the specific ones we enable with our specific words as network connectors with faith attached. There may even be some network delays as Satan may try to block the channels Therefore we need to allow sufficient time!

The actions

We speak words in our physical dimension they transfer (via an interface, some may call a portal) into the spiritual dimension and via the multimedia pipes to those who the words are specifically for.  This is via another interface from spirit dimension to their soul or mind ( may even be audio). The commands (using our God given authority) are to the angels of the people we believe God wants to come to the event. This is to enable them to see the need, the opportunity, and the desire to implement Gods plan for their life.

Then when the have been to the TP they start a similar tree of their own in their location.

Part two

The concept of a communications network in the spiritual dimension has been refined and expanded to including the concept of packet switching or IP addressing

I believe that we need to address specifically to the entities that we expect to undertake the actions in the spiritual dimension. Such as address specific angels of people even finding their actual angels’ name. This is where the Holy Spirit can help by providing the names etc.

This then will send a “packet or instructions regarding that person” by name and then have it delivered and maybe acknowledged as delivered to the angels or to the spirit of the person.

This applies also to the devil; general prayer cannot be answered as they cannot be delivered. The specific demons and characteristics need to be named and the message addressed to it.

The idea of large corporate prayer may need refining as this may ultimately only cause confusion if they are not actually sending the messages to the same address. This may also cause network over load (not sure about this extension)

I know that God can override much of what we say and do.  However I believe that we have powers and authority in the spirit world that we are only just starting to glimpsing


Patrick Kuwana, South Africa

A few hours after the prayer call I just felt the Lord speaking through Ezekiel 47:1-12. The river was birthed during this first prayer call and is now flowing. It might seem as if the flow of resources is small, but keep focused on the source and you will see the initial trickle begin to cover your ankles, soon your knees, soon it will be waist high and soon after that it will be a torrent, fully immersing you and the conference – flowing past to bless and bring life to the world.

Note from Charles:  The River is a big thing in San Antonio; the river is being re-routed there.

Discernment from other Notable Minsters that we want to decree and be mindful of:

“Hollywood is Coming to San Antonio”

Cindy Jacobs
City Reachers, Ignite the Fire Conference, San Antonio, TX June, 2007
“God says to me that your (San Antonio’s) gift is missions in the nations. Hollywood is
coming to San Antonio. Movie studios will be built here; God is going to raise up your
finest young men and women from your churches to start making film, television
programs, communication; that God is going to use San Antonio to take the airwaves.
You’re either gonna have the good or the bad; it just depends on how you pray. But God
wants it to be a righteous root, the Lord showed me that God wants to use San Antonio. I
see that there are going to be studios built here; they’re going to come and buy large
pieces of land and God wants our children to take the airwaves back The Lord showed
me this and that God wants to use you to be the head and not the tail; God is going to use
you in a very unique way to establish His Word.”

San Antonio, the Capital of Change

Chuck Pierce

Chuck Pierce & Dutch Sheets USA Awakening Tour, San Antonio, TX – Dec. 14, 2007

“And I would say to you, I’ve brought you to this place tonight so I could gather you and

decree the redefining of this land has begun. I say to you tonight, this is a beginning.

Here in this city, I am beginning to hover in a new way. I will begin to realign the

Americas from this city. I say, I will begin to realign and I will begin to bring in a new

order into the Americas and into the hemisphere that you are a part of from city. I say

there will be a determining factor that arises in this city that creates the impetus of the

way this nation goes. I say to you immigration will no longer be known and heard the

way that you have known it in the past. For tonight I say the wall and the gates are

changing, and I say My glory will begin to advance. In the next 5 years I will realign the

glory realm of this land. And I say to you, I have brought you to this city for this will be

the city of the gate that I open for the realignment.

I say, you will find yourself saying we have now become the capital of the change and

the economic alignment the cultural realignment of this land. I say out of this city will

come a new model. For within this city My glory will come in and rearrange the church.

I say to you I will begin to take some down this year, raise others up, and visit this city.

For I am here to announce tonight that I will transform and transfigure the way the

cultures of this land have aligned in days past. I will say to you, this is an announcement

that has come to you tonight that no longer will remain the same what you have become

and come into and become comfortable with. For I say to you tonight I have opened up a

realm to even say the economies of the regions will realign and this city will be known as

the one who shook the economies. For a glory realm is coming in upon you and I have

chosen this region as one of openings to begin a glory move south, sayeth the Lord. I say

in the next three months I will begin to rearrange the way I move from this city south

throughout the lands. And Mexico will begin to realign and you will see glory

awakenings coming and being birthed in Mexico. I then say within eight months after

that, there will be a change of wind. For in this change of wind, I say glory that is rising

in Mexico will come back and rest in this land sayeth the Lord.

I say to you tonight I had to gather you here to decree that the need for My coming is now

upon this land. For I say, do not focus on the political candidates for I will raise up and

recreate the messages of their mouths. And you will begin to hear that the San Antonio

region will set the course for a major model of the economic system and the banking of

all of North America. I say tonight the hunger for My glory has been restored into this

place. And I will interrupt and interrupt and interrupt again until a gate of My glory falls

into this region sayeth the Lord. This is your new beginning. And the loins will shake

and the peoples will realign. And it will be heard that this city is now the awakening

center of for the alignment of the nations and the glory of the nations in days ahead.”

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