12 Reasons Why The Tipping Point is Different Than Other Conferences and Why You Need to be With Us

12 Reasons Why The Tipping Point is Different Than Other Conferences and Why You Need to be With Us

#1, We do not use titles, not that titles are wrong or that the work that you put into that doctorate or certification is not being honored; but sometimes people get intimidated by titles.  We want to level the paying field at “The Unconference”.  So, you have to lose the title for the gathering.  Your credentials will be placed in your bio.

#2, Our speakers don’t speak for 90 minutes and then leave; have you ever tried to get to a speaker to ask him a burning question after his message and before you could he was escorted out? Oh, the frustration!  Our speakers speak for much shorter duration’s and then stay and mingle with you and answer your questions or even debate with you; (tough-skinned speakers only allowed). you are encouraged to put them on the “hot seat” at your table and ask them the difficult questions and even to disagree with them!  Sounds like a lot of leaders and thinkers will gather…

#3, No topics are off-limits! That is, we are not afraid to tackle the “hard questions” and bring solutions to the table.  In fact, that is why we are here. You may not like or agree with all of the presenters but they are here for your good and your future may depend on what they have to say.

Let out your frustrations at the Unconference! But please note, we will have bouncers!

#4, the conversations continue on the Tipping Point Social Media Platform.  All electronic presentations, bios and contact information will be posted there for further review and comments. Photos, new conversation threads, (think of it as Facebook for the Marketplace) and relationships will continue and grow during and after the gathering.

#5, the Seven Mountains Council meets that Thursday before the Unconference (you see, I am trying to ingrain that word in your mind) for lunch to set the tone spiritually for the event and to make introductions.

#6, we don’t come to gloss-over topics but we gather to work-out solutions to real-world problems.  For example, how do we bring inventions to market?

What inventions may be out there right now that we are not aware of?  (See the website our Inventions Forum).

#7, because of our format we cover more content in the Tipping Point in two-and-a-half days than most conferences could cover in two-and-a-half weeks so your time and money are maximized.  We cut the fat and get down to the meat.

#8, Strategic Prophetic Ministry with seasoned prophets who will give you specifics and confirmation of direction and clarity for 2013 and beyond. Again, what you need to know from God.

#9, Absolutely awesome worship to get your spirit built-up in Him. Healing from past rejection, hurts and failures; moving forward with Him; many have had supernatural encounters with God at the prior event; hear God for yourself.

#10, awesome food catered-in. Also, stay Sunday for fine dining, fellowship and entertainment.

#11, A new mantle; a Joseph Mantle of many colors received in the presence of people of many colors.  Be released into your ministry as a marketplace Joseph or Daniel.

#12, We stay together for two-and-a-half days; you don’t miss anything since we have only one track of sessions. Less movement; less energy consumed; more focus.

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