The Two Houses

The Two Houses

Copyright Charles Robinson, 2011

The Two Houses

The House of the Watchful and the House of the Wise.

In his excellent book, “The Emerging Daniel Company”, Aaron Evans describes a dream that Prophet Bob Jones had. In the dream Bob describes two houses; the House of the Watchful and the House of the Wise. Both of these houses had become desolate and were found wanting by God and the former stewards were pulled from it. Some had tried to sell it for fame, an act that God despised. Their time was up and the land was ready for new occupants. Unfortunately, the unrighteous had inherited it; the enemy had stolen the territory.
However, God had a plan to restore this stolen land seven times over.

In short order, the evil tenants were burned out.

Is. 49:8 reads “In an acceptable time I have heard you, and in the day of salvation I have helped you; I will preserve you and give you as a covenant to the people, to restore the earth, to cause them to inherit the desolate heritages.

These two houses that God is restoring exist together and work together powerfully. I like to call them dispensations; the Spirit dispenses or pours-out His anointing for these functions to hungry hearts.

The House of the Watchers are those Prophetic Intercessors that see in the spirit realm and warn the House of the Wise what is coming. They “go with the flow” of the Holy Spirit and catch the wave of what God is saying now and what is on the Lord’s heart. Bob Jones likens them to “wild geese”; no one can sneak-up on a wild goose. Geese work very well together and share the load; they fly in a “v” pattern and when the leader is tired he falls back and another takes his place. These are the intercessors or watchmen that stand at the gate and warn the Wise Ones with the special ability through the Prophetic and Apostolic and the gifts of wisdom, understanding, council and might.

The House of the Wise then take this revelation and seek the Lord with what to do with it; how to respond to it and how to interpret it. The House of the Wise are problem solvers that have an excellent spirit, knowledge, understanding, interpretation of dreams, solving “riddles” and problems and explaining enigmas.

The House of the Wise functions in a “Seven-Fold” anointing. See Is. 11:2. The Wise operate as the Sons of Issachar of old; those who knew the times and the seasons and what to do about them.
See I Chron. 12:32. They are part of the “Daniel-Company” a new breed of “Kingdom Consultants”.

For powerful Strategic Intelligence you need both dispensations working together. WISE Ministries International implements both in unison.

The enemy may have desolated your land and your heritage but God has come to take it back seven-fold! Hallelujah!

Charles Robinson

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