Kings for a Season

Kings for a Season

Kings for a Season – Part 1 of 2
Copyright 2011, Charles Robinson

August 24th, 2011

Note: I will use the terms “Kings”, “Transformers”, “Change Agents” and “Apostolic Reformers” interchangeable in this writing.

There is a season for your “reign” but it is only for a season…
Your assignment is to reign with equity and justice and to know when to cease your reign and when to appoint and anoint your heir. I will focus on the first two points in this blog entry and on the third in a following entry.

Word from the Lord:
Seasons change and the new season is “now”; this is the beginning of your reign as a marketplace King says the Lord. There is nothing that I do not do except that I first reveal it to My Servants the Prophets (Amos 3:7). My Word says that I have set my King (Jesus) upon my Holy Hill of Zion (Ps. 2:6). (The Bible calls “bad kings” “Kings of the earth” and that they will “rise up” and “band together” and challenge Christ and His Kingdom. This is only a counterfeit of what God will be doing in that season and that season is now).

I have now set my marketplace apostles as kings in the land.
The land is about to shake like never before in unusual places (such as has recently occurred in Virginia and Washington DC, comment mine)

Note: The Washington Monument now has a 4 foot crack in it. Washington is the Founding Father of this nation and so this speaks to our foundation – “found”-ation.

This is a physical shift that is a sign of a spiritual shift in the land.
Just as the National Cathedral shook off some of it ornamental (but not functional) attachments so shall I do this not only for my church but for all of society including government;
I am beginning to shake government like never before; only that which is good and of me shall remain.

Elected officials shall “shake in their boots”; not just from fear on what is coming but for a holy fear and a holy dread of me for I am a consuming fire in their midst. (Heb 12:29)

I raise one up and cause another to be brought low (Ps. 75:7); I am the god of verity and justice and I do all things well and I have come to answer the cries of my people and the cries of the poor and the fatherless and the motherless and the orphans; they cry out to me for life and for support and for food and for hunger and for nourishment and for justice.

There has been a drought of justice in the land says the Lord but I am bringing a change – a true change to this country and to the nations of the world; you shall see kingdom rise against kingdom and nation against nation for I am in this and I am in the midst of the battles and the fires and I am rearranging and shifting sheep and goat nations even now and I am causing a new order and new borders to arise out of the chaos and the cry of humanity which I have heard. I am coming with a refiner’s fire (Mal. 2:17) and as the Judge of the Earth (Ps. 98:9) in this new season the season of My Reign says the Lord.

Justice shall be swift and the changing of the guard politically and spiritually (in my church) shall be swift; see what I do in the next 20 weeks and the next 20 months and the next 20 years says the Lord.
Author’s Note: Twenty : 20 – The Biblical Numerology Meaning of this number is that it is linked with the expectancy of things happening – often times, with a great magnitude.
There have been cruel taskmasters and cruel punishers of my people. Mammon and a lust for power as demonstrated in your leaders have ruled my people long enough. The Masonic System has ruled my people long enough and I have come down as in the Book of Exodus and am saying to Egypt “let my people go”. “Let them come and worship me”. For I am the supplier of all their needs says the Lord.

To my Kings I give you my authority; the scepter is extended to each of you; replenish the earth, subdue it; my dominion is an everlasting dominion. I have given you dominion and you are rulers of the air; yes, there is a “prince” of the air but his influence in that domain is coming to a speedy end. Rule the air; take my kingdom and my dominion to the uttermost parts of the earth as I first gave it to Adam and Eve. (Gen 1:26)
End of Prophecy

Just as the Washington Monument shook and a crack formed in the very symbol of our freedom. Even the very foundations of this nation are being shaken. But God’s Kings – His Joseph’s, His Daniels, Transformers, Change Agents, Apostolic Reformers (insert whatever name you identify with)… are arising.

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