Prophetic Bulletin, Volume 1, Issue 1

Prophetic Bulletin, Volume 1, Issue 1

Dear friends of WISE Ministries International and Tree of Life International,

I am writing to you today about a very important bulletin on where we feel the country stands today and to relay some revelation that we feel is from the Lord both from us, as well as others. I want to prepare you for what is looking to be a difficult time for this nation. However, with all difficulties come opportunities to be salt and light to lost people and to be financial channels of the Kingdom of God.


ETF Forum:

We had our second Economically-Tested Financiers (ETF) Forum conference call a couple of months back with great results. I interviewed the leaders of the Kingdom Legacy Find in Fort Meyers, FL on what a Kingdom-Minded Hedge Fund looks like; (24) of you attended.

The President of the United States of America:

While at a prophetic retreat center in Moravian Falls, North Carolina, the Lord impressed upon me that there will be an attempt on President Obama’s life and how the enemy’s plan would cause much civil unrest and rioting. Please keep this in prayer and pray that it would not happen as it would be devastating to our nation and for all of us. This could be an event from which our nation might not ever fully recover.

“Forcible Entry”:

Also, a week before this trip the Lord impressed upon me that a forcible entry had been made in the country. I understand this to mean that terrorists had possibly positioned themselves in the country. Please know that I am not trying to instill fear but faith, for when things come to pass we can see that the Lord already showed them to us. Faith, that even though “gross darkness” will cover the people (Is. 60:2), His Glory will be seen upon US. I am also praying for divine intervention that none of these things mentioned in this bulletin will happen. I would prefer to be “wrong” and for these things to not come to pass than to be “right” and for them to come to pass.

We each have a responsibility within our spheres of influence to notify and protect those whom God has brought into our lives and this is the purpose of this bulletin. Each person receiving this bulletin has been impacted in some way by WISE Ministries International or Tree of Life International. Amos 3:7 still applies today, “Surely the Lord GOD does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.”

Real Estate Prices:

I feel that real estate prices will continue to fall. He has told Liz and I to exit our real estate positions if we can. Now, keep in mind, what may be the will of the Lord for us may be the opposite for you, but be prepared for prices to fall further.

Stocking Up:

We believe that it is best to stock-up on critical provisions such as food, water, toiletries, medicines, etc. I would recommend that you have at least (30) days of these items in case of any emergency; please do this quickly.


I had a dream in which the healthcare legislation passed by (1) vote. The healthcare debate is not over. We must press-in. This policy does not need to come to pass. A ground-swell of protest by U.S. citizens is rising in our nation and is evidence of an “awakening giant.” Tomorrow, the President of the U.S.A. will address a joint-session of Congress to try to sell his Healthcare plan.

Another 9/11?:

Many prophets have said that one or more catastrophic events may happen beginning this month and over the next few months and years in the U.S.A. We know that in a few short days we have the anniversary of 9/11. One prophet has said that 9/11, as horrific as it was, was not “the event,” but a “wake-up call” to a much larger event. The Lord spoke to me this March that His hand has been partially removed and that our nation is exposed. Several prophets have concurred that the stock market was going to top-out at around (9500) and then drop to around to (3200) over the next (12) months. Again, we could be wrong, but we should act accordingly. My personal opinion is to not be “long” or heavily invested in the stock market right now. The Great Depression’s stock index did not plummet until the “Second Down,” that is, until AFTER there was a “Bear Rally.” The market may have peaked for the next few years and unless you are short on the market, you may want to consider hedging any positions in gold and silver.

Dollar Crisis:

I believe that a U.S. Dollar devaluation is coming. It could be weeks or months away, but it will happen. Also, since MANY more bank failures are coming, have your money in the highest rated banks, (I have attached a list of the highest rated banks by state). Community and regional banks are HIGHLY exposed to losses in commercial real-estate causing a lot of stress that we have only begun to see. Have a good store of cash-on-hand in case your bank closes so that you will not be hindered by daily withdrawal limits, or worse, delays of days or weeks. The FDIC is out of money and only has roughly (.27) cents on-hand for each ($100.00) in deposits. The FDIC will be requiring a cash infusion both from the banks themselves and I believe the government. Yes, another bailout. This is hush-hush as to not fuel any fear that may result in bank-runs. God’s Kingdom Financial system is being established on the earth, therefore, we have nothing to fear; He will provide. Miracles such as what we saw in the Gospels of the loaves and fishes being multiplied are coming again. God’s people will feed and house multitudes. This is the hour of not only the end-time wealth destruction but of the end-time wealth creation and transfer. Lord, let us be the ones, the Noah’s and the Joseph’s of today who will provide safety for Your people. What the enemy meant for evil, God will use it for good in your life! We, as believers are truly End-Time Financiers.


The U.S. government cannot expect to print trillions of dollars. The latest total that we, the taxpayers are on the hook for is (25 trillion); we not expect prices to go up. We may not have Zimbabwe-style inflation here in the U.S., but higher prices are coming. Stocking up now is a good option since you can buy what you will need and avoid some of the price increases. Also, you and your family will be prepared for any kind of disruption which would cause store shelves to be bare. Prices can take a sudden jump almost overnight. Remember gas prices during the summer of 2008? Again, precious metals and other commodities are an excellent hedge against inflation. Remember, the U.S. dollar is a ‘fiat currency” which means that it is not backed by gold or anything with intrinsic value other than the paper it is printed on. How much was paper worth the last time you checked?

Modern-Day Josephs:

Again, God is preparing you to be a modern-day Joseph, like the Biblical Joseph. You are to prepare an ark of safety for God’s people like a modern-day Noah. Keep in mind that these preparation recommendations are not just for your family but to help others as well. How many people could you support in your home? Could you buy some airbeds to house additional families in need? How many people could you feed; for how long? 2010 and especially 2012 are going to be rough years for this nation and the world. Are you ready? We can only be ready if we have the Lord Jesus in our heart, follow Him and serve Him.


Marshall Law could be declared over this or other issues of national significance. Keep this in prayer; Texas recently overruled “eminent domain” rights of citizens in situations of a natural disaster such as a hurricane. This means that we could be forced to leave our homes by the government. This could also happen with H1N1. BTW, pray and ask the Lord if you really need to take the vaccine.

ICCC USA Conference:

Please join us for the U.S.A. National conference in San Francisco on October 8th-11th, 2009. For additional information on the ICCC or to register, please go to Please note WISE Ministries International and Tree of Life International Outreach is not affiliated with the ICCC. However, I am on the board and publish information on the ICCC to help our friends and members

Final Word: We have entered not just a new season, but a new epoch in which almost everything that we have been used to in the 21st Century is changing. Nations are changing, their status is being realigned. Some of those that have been at the forefront will take a backseat to those nations that are emerging. Truly China has become a global power and a nation whose economic stimulus is actually working. We in the U.S. and the world are changing socially, economically, politically and almost every way one can imagine. So, it’s time to rethink your destiny and the part that you play in God’s Kingdom. Truly divine possibilities are before you!

We wish you safety and prosperity in the coming Epoch of God’s Kingdom.

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