Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 8)

Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 8)

Charles: When Job went before the Lord and Satan was there and the Lord said to Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job; how righteous he is?” God was actually boasting upon Job and then, of course, Satan says, “Does Job serve you for naught? And he said, “I cannot get to him. You have protected Job. There’s a hedge. You’ve put a hedge around him.”

Lee: It couldn’t be seen naturally.

Charles: It could not be seen naturally, but in the spirit the enemy could not see Job’s life. He could not touch Job’s life except the Lord said, “Okay. To glorify my name and to prove to you that he’s a servant and he’s serving me because he loves me, not just because of what I do for him. Alright, I’m going to put that hedge down, but do not touch his life.” So, the enemy was allowed to go in there.

But, this proves that there can be hedges of protection put around people to protect them in their times of need and that’s what we do with W.I.S.E.

By the way, for our listeners, I didn’t get a chance yesterday. It’s

Lee: Go ahead and tell them.

Charles: In the US and Canada 512-250-9006. For the United Kingdom it’s if you want to get a hold of us and we’d love to be able to talk to you.

We offer a free 30 minute consultation. Give us a call and one of our people at the office will be able to schedule that consultation with you with a coach and we’ll begin to even start to feel and sense what God is saying about your business even in that consultation session.

Lee: Now, there’s going to be the guy over here talking from the audience. Now, if you go into a business to check and see how business goes, you’re not wanting to go and look at the books and everything?

Charles: That may happen eventually, but up front no. It’s all professional and confidential.

Lee: So, when you come in, you’re seeing what can happen and God shows it to you, reveals to you the things that need to be done in this area to be able to pull them out into another level of their business; just like you made a statement a while ago that one business doubled within 24 hours.

Charles: Well, when you’re talking about their taking your business, this is taking your company to the next level spiritually and we answered the questions here – what is the kingdom company? What is the king? What is apostolic alignment? How do you structure a kingdom company?

What are destiny links? How do I know that my company is adequately covered in prayer? Can areas of weakness or blindness, as a CEO or as a leader, can that affect my company? What role as a leader or a CEO of my company do I have in its success spiritually? Do I need more people praying than just maybe a couple of people at prayer praying for five minutes a week? Do I need more accountability?

I say that you need to have accountability in your prayer covering and in the spiritual input that you have in your company. God is doing a new thing. My people perish for a lack of what? Knowledge.

We provide spiritual technology, if you will, spiritual knowledge to enable you. And this is a ministry and we do charge. Sometimes, we do bartering situations, but it’s really a ministry. It’s a part of our church which is a 501C3. And so, we are excited to enable you as a leader to take your company to the next level spiritually.

You can order this on our website at or I appreciate the opportunity to be able to mention this DVD series.

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