Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 6)

Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 6)

Charles: Now we’re pastoring leaders around the world really and the sky is the limit. God is using us to really breakthrough and pioneer in this and there are others that are coming on our coattails, but what a privilege and an honor.

I feel like I’m in convergence. I feel like I’m operating in fullness, full capacity where all the tests and the trials of the past have converged upon me and upon my wife, Liz. And I’m living life to the fullest helping people fulfill their destiny.

I don’t have to be out in front. I can be in the sidelines interceding praying and coaching and we have other intercessors; obviously in coaches. But, to see our leaders fulfill their destiny and be launched into the greatness that God has inside of them. Every person had greatness on the inside of them. It’s just they need some keys to unlock it.

Lee: Let me ask you a question, Brother Charles. We’re talking about businesses here and I know there’s lot of people watching. How about somebody that’s not in business? Can this be put into their life?

Charles: We can do it on a personal basis. We have many singles that we pray for. We have many people that are aspiring business people – leaders – and we help launch and pray those businesses into existence. We’re there to do business consulting and we have many, many contacts and leads that we could feed them through whatever need. For example, one thing might be to apply for grants. A lot of people are looking to apply for grants right now.

Lee: And you can help them in this area?

Charles: We have contacts.

Lee: Amen. To have the contacts build. That’s very powerful just getting contacts because a lot of people say, “What do I do to find that avenue to start working towards?” And this is powerful; that statement right there to help them get on top of that and they’ve got the covering to go with what God’s put in your life.

Patrick, I know that you push a lot of ministries when you bring them onto different businesses and things like this. What do you see happening in these areas like Brother Charles is in where the business – I know the people you work around, you feel the pulse of what’s going on.

Patrick: Sure. Actually, I see it all the time where folks really need, not just good counsel, but Godly counsel. I see people needing order in their business and in their lives in ways that they know they’re missing it, but their blind spots or their blinders in their business are keeping them away from moving into those areas that they could. And then even beyond that, their own negative beliefs; their own limiting beliefs of what they see they can do.

Well, someone like Charles and the prayer team being to remove the lid so that you can jump to farther and farther heights. That’s a key – deliverance – because once you break that chain of unbelief and limiting belief, open avenue.

Lee: And people can’t see that. We preach about it and I know somebody’s listening right now, you’re saying – and I feel this in my spiritual reading. I say it because people think in tangible area.

And see, Jesus ought to give you the keys to the kingdom. That’s not tangible. We don’t see it. We don’t feel it. We don’t taste it, but it’s there because He said it’s there.

So, if Jesus said that in making a statement to us that we get some keys to do something and this is where the church, I believe, lacks a lot in promoting like what you’re doing right here…

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