Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 4)

Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 4)

Charles: He is moving. It’s a new day.

Lee: Amen. And you’ve got testimonies of people and God called you in this what? Five years ago to do what you’re doing right now?

Charles: I have got so many testimonies. Five years ago.

Lee: It has to be working to be five years old even.

Charles: We’re growing. We’re constantly growing. We’re always adding new companies. We’re in the United Kingdom. We’re in Canada and then we’re in 14 states in the US.

Lee: Wow. So, people’s businesses have taken off.

Charles: They have taken off. We had one company double in size in 24 hours in the number of clients that they had. Now, I’m not saying that’s the norm. That‘s the exception, but it’s real. Why? Because the Lord – He honors mutual submission.

Lee: Amen. So, the keyword that what you’re talking about here today – and I want you to pay real close attention. The keyword here is whenever they come as the intercession and that’s where I see it from being a minister.

If I’m out in the war, out in the front, I want some pearl warriors behind me putting the shield in front of me because the Bible said “the shield of faith” and sometimes – I’ve thought about it many times how my shield would be battered, torn, have dents in it, have holes in it, but it still works and it helps to protect.

So, whenever you got pearl warriors and they’re in a seating – Jesus even told Peter. He said, “Satan seeks to sift you like wheat.” He said, “But, I’m praying for you.” In other words, I’m interceding for you, and so he’s interceding.

But, we do want to open the lines up right now and if there’s anybody out there right now, you want an answer and you want to call in just call the number on your screen and Brother Charles will answer your question in what he’s doing here.

If you want to call that number, we’ll take some calls right now and we’ll use what we want to here that we can squeeze in. We’ve just got a short time here to share some things, but in this today – today is your day. Today. Today. Did I say today?

Charles: Today.

Lee: Today. Amen. That means God wants to do something for you now. When God moved into Jesus, He was the “I am” that moved in and that means He’s the I am present to do something now. And we don’t want to live in the future. We don’t want to live in the past. We live day by day. Amen.

So, in that daily walk with God, as you begin to learn and you have a question, I want you to feel free to call in. We’ll bring it live right on television. And as you call in to ask a question, and I know Charles will give you an answer. Maybe we’re answering all your questions and you don’t need to call in, but do feel free to do this.

Brother Dougher, how did you come into contact with Brother Charles in this area?

Patrick: We actually connected at this thing called Kingdom Marketplace Coalition and it’s all about believers connecting and having a Facebook meets kingdom with a monitored backbone.

That’s how we first met, but the one thing that encouraged me to bring W.I.S.E into my company as a marketer and a business developer, I wanted a prayer cover. You know how important it is.

Lee: Oh, yes it is.

Patrick: If you want to extend your reach, you need to extend your sword. You need to reach forward and actually add an order, which is what I think you were talking about earlier, to what’s going on in your business. I just think about when Jesus stepped on the boat, borrowed the company of Peter and his brothers. When He stepped off, gave them a little direction and harvest.

They hadn’t had anything before. It was a blockage of some sort, but when order stepped on and was able to use that business to have an impact, the reward was massive and their influence and affluence was tremendously increased.

Lee: That was the first time Jesus – because there’s going to be a lot of first time people calling in that’s going to be contacting you and that was the first time that Peter heard Jesus talk. That was the first time he heard Him talk and here He comes – we’re talking about…

And I want to say this to being on His side. This is a fisherman. He knew how to fish. He knew what it took. He was a business man. And so, he had fished all night and come back in and we’re talking about a man that comes in contact with an answer to his problem.

When he come in contact and notice, Brother Dougher, what he said even when Jesus – these nets are done washed up, done put up because he knew that this is the wrong time to be fishing. Daylight – they fished at night and so forth. Now, he said, “Nevertheless, at thy word.”

Charles: At thy word. Whoo! I’ll preach.

Lee: Nevertheless, at thy word. The first time he heard, but nevertheless, at thy word, even though I fished all night and probably people going to think I’m crazy, but he heard something that inspired him that Jesus knew what he was talking about.

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