Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 1)

Pastor Charles on The Lee Sherrell show in Dallas, Texas (part 1)

Lee: Praise God. So good to be with you on this good old Friday. I know a lot of people are happy because it’s Friday. They can get the whole weekend off, so we’re praying you have a good, nice sweet weekend. We’re going to continue today what we were on; the ones that were watching yesterday for the listeners that just tuned in.

We got into some very, very good things yesterday opening up the word of God tied in with some things that could be a big difference in your life. Brother Charles is going to be sharing these things with us and I’ve got Brother Dougher with us today. And as we begin to throw questions at him, we’re going to put him on the hot seat a little bit today.

This is going to be something that could help you in this time. Right now, we’re in the middle of some financial problems, and people losing their homes and things going on. Yet, so many people say, “Well, I have your answer,” or, “Here’s your answer over here.” And you’re saying, “What is my answer?”

Well, we want to, somehow today – maybe we can just make a dent in that and bring some kind of an answer and some kind of closure in your spirit that God is with you; that God is going to help you get through this situation.

And maybe you don’t have a situation whatsoever. This will be enlightening to you to even expound more in your ministry, or in your finances, or in your business because it’s about small businesses and large businesses.

And so, as we go into this today, I want you to get a pencil and paper. Take time out to get a piece of paper so you can write some things down because Brother Charles will be breaking down some things for you today and I just want to give him the opportunity right now to call some friends, tell them to tune into a if they’re out of state or out of range where they can’t get it on television.

Tell them to go to and they can watch what you’re watching today because I believe this is going to make a tremendous difference in your life today. Well, Brother Dougher, it’s good to have you with us today.

Patrick: It’s always good to be here [2:02 inaudible]

Lee: Always, Amen. And then, Brother Charles.

Charles: Always nice to see you.

Lee: You know I always like to shake hands. That shows yourself friendly [2:08 inaudible]

Charles: That’s right.

Lee: We got in some good stuff yesterday and I believe it kind of opened up the minds of some people. I’ve been hearing good reports about it. So, you don’t mind staying over today. I know your home is in Austin, but we’re staying over today and just making some things happen. You said, to bring some of the people up to date, God put this in your spirit a few years ago.

Charles: About five years ago.

Lee: Bring some people up to date just a little bit of what you’re talking about here so they know where we’re going.

Charles: Right. Well, this is really a ministry – Lee and Pat, it’s great to have you on the show with us today – that the Lord birthed in our spirits, my wife Liz, and I about five years ago. We were traditional Pastors in Austin, but there was something missing.

We needed to take the presence and the power of God outside the four walls of the church and into the marketplace – and I just love ministering to leaders. I love ministering to CEOs and empowering businesses. A business can have the presence and the power of God like a church can have.

Lee: Yes, it can.

Charles: Isn’t that amazing? We have seen that. And so, really, God really wants to be invited into our listener’s businesses.

Lee: We’re talking about God, the Creator.

Charles: The Creator.

Lee: We’ve got a little tiny business. It’s probably a dot you can’t see on the map. And He’s God, but you bring Him into the equation, something’s got to change. How do you proceed to do that?

Charles: Well, we have an assessment process where we’ll come on site and we’ll spend a couple – two or three days – with the clients, the potential clients, and we’ll do some interviews. We’ll go in the offices and we’ll see what the Lord is saying about, really, where the company has been and where it’s going.

And so, we definitely want to have the leaders, the CEO’s, vision and we try to talk about boundaries. We talked about boundaries yesterday. Where is the boundary? What has God called them to do? How is their business to be used as a weapon or a tool in their region geographically? And how can we expand their influence in all areas?

Lee: See, when you said a weapon, what do you mean when you say weapon?

Charles: Well, I’ll tell you what. When you’ve got someone that’s a leader and you’ve got people under them, they’re working in unity and they’re motivated, I’ll tell you, there’s a blessing – a commended blessing – where there’s unity.

The company can be used as a weapon because whenever we’re fulfilling the call of God in our lives, whenever we are walking in fullness of His spirit and His purpose, there is nothing greater than that. It’s a feeling of being fully alive.

And so, when we’re fully aligned and aligned with Heaven – when Earth is aligned with Heaven, the enemy has to just step back. There is no room for the enemy in that equation. So, that’s how it’s used as a weapon.

Lee: Amen. Yeah, I can see that too. I got this immediately flash in my mind when you said the Earth comes in align with Heaven. When Jesus was in the River Jordan for the first time when John baptized him, they come in alignment right there because the windows of Heaven open up. And I can see the weapon part because Jesus became a weapon against the devil and through the word. And so, if we can get this alignment into the business place – and you do that through intercessory?

Charles: We do that through mapping out weaknesses, challenges in the leadership; maybe filling in the holes where there are maybe some weaknesses and then, yes, intercessors that are equipped.

We look at their gift mix and we say, “Okay, this person has a breakthrough anointing. This person is more of a crisis [6:00 inaudible] anointing.”

So, we match the strengths of our intercessors with the needs of the client. It might be for breakthrough, financial breakthrough. There’s a lot of people that are wanting and needing that right now. So, yes.

And putting seven powerful prayer shields of protection around our leaders, it just causes, really, the enemy is pushed pack and then God can pour in, Lee and Pat, he can pour in the oil and the wine.

There’s nothing like spending time with God and getting healed where you can just take a step back and say, “Okay, where are we now? Where does God want to take me?” because we all can be so busy.

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