Word of the Lord for 2010 and The Next Decade

Word of the Lord for 2010 and The Next Decade

Published January 6th, 2010.

WISE Ministries International and Tree if Life International

Publishing the following word is risky at best. It is the most sobering word I have ever received. I have been praying about the word – even wanting to withhold its release. But I have asked the Lord for some confirmations and they have come. Please pray about the word and ask the Lord to speak to you about it. There seems to be a tendency in the prophetic of-late to not “upset the apple cart” and to be flowery and upbeat. We feel that this is a time to be responsible and to be sober and to call the times (and the fight) like we see it.


The word focuses on the “Seven Mountains” of culture as referenced in Micah 4 and Isaiah 2. The word is in no special order so please read it in its entirety. If the portion of the word does not indicate a timeframe then its fulfillment can be construed to be within the next ten years.

“Prelude to judgment”:

There is a small window to soon coming judgment; it is a time for God’s people to get ready; to handle any unfinished areas of sin and partial obedience and to pray earnestly and witness to family members to come into the Kingdom. “Handle all unfinished business with me and with others says the Lord.” I do not know how long we have before God’s judgment begins to fall but it is not very long.

I feel that there will be a Constitutional Crises in the USA within the next 24 months.

I see an attack on downtown Chicago, Illinois. I see fire and smoke in the Sears Tower.

I do not have a timeframe on this from the Lord.

There is a time that food and water will be more valued than precious metals.

However, mining companies themselves will explode in value and our opinion is that select companies are excellent investments in 2010.

“Abortion and life”:

There will be some events that will highlight the dignity of life, unborn and newborn human beings.

A profit motive shall be exposed more and more in the abortion industry and in Planned Parenthood.

“Civil Unrest and the Mountain of Media”:

Major looting will happen in cities where there are disasters. People will watch and even be horrified at the insanity that will happen in some major cities. It will go on for weeks and as soon as the violence in put out more will erupt in other regions of cities.

Reporters will be afraid to go into certain places. Certain places in cities will be taken over by the gangs and rebels.

However, God is going to put a blanket of safety and peace around those whose minds and spirits are totally focused and connected with Him.

Peace will be the major thing that people will be seeking in the coming days, along with food and water but you seek the provisions that only I can provide says the Lord.

The United States shall fail and the president shall fail.

There is coming such a deluge of sin and filth that even the hard-core sinners will stir themselves and say “what is going on?” TV will begin to be inundated by obscene acts and many people will finally realize if you give some people an inch they will take a mile.

There will be signs in the earth and in the sky. I see that some vegetables will start to grow deformed; the earth will produce a strange crop for no apparent reason. Twisted; which is a sign in the natural that things are twisted in the spirit over this country.

I saw in the spirit a wet towel and saw God wringing it out over this country. The water poured out like rain but the water was impure and rained upon the land an impure rain and I saw people conversely wringing their hands in response. Man is not going to have the answers to what is coming, the seemingly dysfunction of the earth itself. The earth is reeling and rocking to and fro in response to the sin that it being unleashed upon it and it will respond accordingly. The earth has held much of the sin and the sinful works of man internally – until now, now the violence and the bloodshed cries out and the earth will join in that chorus as well. I see violent winds and earthquakes in many places, disease, tumult of the seas, snow in places where it has never snowed before and yet in all of this God will show mercy and those places that are devoid of the spirit of God may be spared for the elect’s sake – those intercessors who will pray for those areas of the world that are marked for judgment.

“To the USA”:

I saw a woman swinging on a swing in delight; she was care-free and in a red dress and the Lord says that this is a picture of the United States; its free-wheeling and care-free credit-friendly pursuit of happiness is coming to an end. Then the Lady fell off the swing and great was her fall and there was no one there to catch her; the transformed. (not in a good sense), commercialized and glamorized “Lady Liberty” – a comely and modernized version of the Statue of Liberty fell and there was no one there to catch her; she fell in the dark and I saw her no more. I believe that this is the USA’s position of dominance in the world. But the swing kept on swinging alone, in the dark. There was no one to occupy her place, there will be no nation to come forth to take the place of the USA in the coming years, even China shall fail to reach the pinnacle that the US reached, however, China stands at the door to try to occupy the seat on the swing. Actually, China built the swing! A humbling is coming to the USA and her leadership says the Lord; I must humble the USA so that I can begin my righteous work within her. She shall be great again but not until much pain and tragedy says the Lord; the die has been cast, the seeds have been sown but you my daughter, even the USA, you that have walked in the principles of my Word in times past but yet have forgotten your rich spiritual history; you that have been twisted and perverted by the evil one; you that have been led astray one too many times; to you I will come again and visit you and I will renovate you even by fire and I shall turn you upside down and you shall know that it is I the Lord that have created you to be my vessel and for my purposes says the Lord, the Holy one of Israel; be ye holy as I am holy. You will learn what holiness means. The enemy will come and try to destroy you with fire but I shall come with my Holy Fire and I will stand between the land and the sea and I will protect you from being totally consumed and in my Holy wrath I will cause the evil forces to be turned upon themselves says the Lord.

“A further exposing”:

There is nothing that is hidden and that is done in darkness and in sin that shall not be made known openly. The words for 2010 are EXPOSE and EXPOSE’; the enemy will want to have an EXPOSE’ on the sin that he espouses but I will expose him and his evil works says the Lord.

“The Fed”:

I believe that the Fed will be audited and that the Lord will expose the Masonic roots of this organization and that he will expose that this organization is bankrupt. The Fed is the cause of many of the problems in this nation says the Lord. It is the control of mammon and secrecy. You will see the agenda of the globalists in brazen openness in 2010.” I believe that those with a “one world” mindset will try to take our sovereignty away in 2010. The globalists know that they must make their move before the November 2010 elections – which could change the balance of power.

“New Patriots and God’s Healthcare”

I will be on the move this new year and decade. This is your decade my daughter, the USA, this is your finest hour the USA; this is the time of your greatest testing. Will you allow liberty to die or will you be willing to die for liberty? I call forth the new patriots to come forth says the Lord; I call for the healing ministry and mantle of William Branham to fall on multitudes; expect a healing outpouring; it’s my healthcare plan says the Lord!

In the coming decade…My people in the USA will stand; some shall be tortured for My Names sake. Do not give up; do not give in; I will be with you. They will try to get you to confess to things that you have not done. The Neo-Nazism spirit has made a camp in this country and many will rise up and say we want to be a part of a socialist army. Resist this! Racism will be on the rise; anti-Semitism will be on the rise; come out from among them and be ye separate. God’s Holy Remnant of youth will rise up and lift up their prayers to the heavens and my angels will accompany them. You are my mighty army in the earth.

‘Mountain of Religion: Breakthrough Centers”

Breakthrough Centers will arise in the USA. These will be Holy Spirit-empowered meeting places where there will be such a tangible presence of God for days and weeks at a time and even the Tabernacle of David shall arise in cities – outposts that I have chosen and many of my children shall go and be filled with my power and my tangible presence in this hour and they shall come and go. Many ministries will be launched from these places; Holy fire shall be poured-out. And worship; oh what worship shall be in those places!

‘Mountain of Education:”

Look for policy changes in that prayer will be allowed (by the principals) in some schools again. Look for certain principals to rise up and to allow and even promote prayer gatherings, especially for our military troops and for our president in the near future. They will rise up and not be afraid of the repercussions.

“Healthcare – Major Cures”

Cures for diseases are coming beginning this year; cures for major diseases. These are miracle cures, miracles from my hand says the Lord; I love to heal! This is combined with a major healing outpouring and revival. I will show my glory in the earth both in the spiritual (revival) and in the natural (science).

“Technology Crises”

As a sign that I am involved with the affairs of men there will be a major internet outage soon. Cyber attack; cyber terrorism will come to the forefront in 2010. Back doors will be exposed into military systems. The theft of information is happening even now; espionage and cyber attacks. Systems are too vulnerable; water facilities being affected. Water supply being turned off. Barriers failing; walls that hold water back coming down and crumbling. Infrastructure crumbling; like what occurred when Hurricane Katrina hit and the levee walls failed.

“Expanding Credit Crises”:

My opinion: Credit represents the old mammon system; a new system of trade by precious metals such as silver and bartering will develop.

Continuing the Word if the Lord: Credit problems will continue in the USA; the realization will come that the US cannot pay its bills to its people or to the world. Yet, much of the world will still look to the USA as she severely stumbles. How we respond as a nation this year to financial crisis will set the course for the next 10 years both for us and for the world – they will be looking to the USA. 2010 is a “seed year” and will affect the harvest of next decade. This is also true for many areas of our lives; what we do this year will impact the entire decade. Be sure to seek the Lord in your areas of need and in your decisions.

On a personal note there will never be a better time to engage a spiritual life coach and intercessors than this year. This year has the power to project and propel you for the next 10 years. Again, please hear me, the direction you are headed in 2010 will magnify and enhance your trajectory for the decade.

“New calls of God”:

Many shall receive new calls this year and do things that are completely different from what they have done in the past. Be open to new pathways of provision and ministry.

“To the Mountain of Family”:

Whole families shall go and minister; I am calling entire families to minister together this year to show the world the power of the Christian family. We will need the power of unity and agreement that is present in families.

“God’s Glory”:

I will open doors for my children in 2010; amazing doors of promotion. What was before was a test and you have passed it says the Lord; come now enter into the joys of the Lord. I will blanket you with my presence; I will satisfy you, you will see those things that you have longed to see; the things that I have promised you in my Word and through my prophets; the Lord says you will see them beginning this year; this is the height of what I want to do; get ready for the height of my work in the earth and in your lives. This is it; I am coming very soon; get into it; get into the “thick” of it for my thick glory cloud will surround you.

“To the Business Mountain”:

And to my Josephs, my businessmen and women; I will come upon you this year in power so that you will be able to stand under the pressure and to withstand the attacks of the enemy. I give you a warning that the enemy will want to get you off the track that I have for you and for you to lift up your hands in frustration and to give up. Do not give up! I will show you what you need to do. I am in you and I understand your weaknesses and your infirmities. I must have you in this hour! I need you to join hands and to gather with your peers. I need you to help save this nation. Businessmen and women arise! Arise and come unto me and I say that there are new works of the Kingdom that will come forth through your hands; through your ideas – which are my ideas. Again, I need you; I need your faith to arise; the same spirit that founded this country lives in you. It is the spirit of entrepreneurialism and capitalism. Capitalism is of me. Liberty is from me. The wheels of innovation are spinning. You are the wheel in the middle of me – my wheel. The wheel in the middle of the wheel; you are my engines of innovation and I am upgrading you from a four cylinder to a six and for others from a six to an eight! I am upgrading you my children. I have called you like modern Josephs; you have ideas that will make a difference. I am calling for mediums of exchange for your ideas; for people to connect says the Lord. How can you help? How can you help others? Get your ideas out there on the web and in these exchanges for what I have shown you I have also shown others. There is a synergy today says the Lord. There is a movement and a momentum today that technology has opened up. Ask me for my wheels to come to you. Ask me for the power to acquire and to generate wealth. Generate wealth! The nations need the answers and you have the answers and the nations need the money; you need the money, generate it! The wealth is mine; the silver and the gold are mine. The ideas are mine. I am moving; I am turning. You must turn with my and my wheels; move, turn, swim, fly! Join in with me says the Lord. Get on the ship, like in the days of Noah; I have an ark of safety that I will use to save a multitude and a remnant. Josephs arise! Joseph wins!

“To the Political Mountain”:

Pressure and crunch time for the political leaders. It is crunch time; it is decision time; pray for your political leaders that the “herd mentality” will not prevail. I am calling my leaders from both parties to vote their consciences and to not follow the spirit of politics and fear – pray that they would be delivered from the fear of failure and the fear of man. My leaders resist the pull of power and of being in power. There is a corruption that has taken place in Washington and selfishness has prevailed. Self-centeredness has prevailed. The elections are not about personalities they are about fair representation! The people will demand accountability in 2010. Many shall rise up in and be motivated by a spirit of anger and racism; from such turn away. Walk in my peace and the saying the scripture “How blessed are the peace makers” shall be important for this decade.

“To the mountain of Arts and Entertainment:”

Again, I see bad things happening on the TV and the internet live and being shown over and over again, Guard your eyes this year, and the demonic music; there is a new sound, a sound from hell that wants to come up from the under the earth. But do not be afraid; you will know it when you hear it. It is a tribal kind of demonic writhing. Listen for the sound from heaven this year. I will give so many new songs to my people this yea; songs that will be sung by the multitudes. Pray that the new sound will continue to be opened up in the earth; it has already come but it needs to be opened up in a greater way.

“Conditional Promises and Judgment”:

Beloved, remember that many of the challenging things spoken here may be avoided and/or greatly lessoned through prayer although some things cannot be avoided and likewise many of the glorious things spoken here will only be brought the place through prayer and agreement with the Spirit of God.

Liz and I hope to see you soon in 2010 and we pray that these words were of comfort and/or a sober warning for all of our future. Remember, though darkness covers the earth His glory will be seen upon us in greater and greater measure Is. 60.

Peace and love in Jesus, the only wise King.

Charles Robinson, January 6th, 2010.

WISE Ministries International and Tree of Life International

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